PGT Testing in IVF

    Many people wonder what they can do to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.  The Center for Disease Control and the March of Dimes recommend collecting family health history, which can help people plan for pregnancy.  If collected in advance and combined...

Let’s Talk Dental Insurance with Dr. Nasem Dunlop of Treehouse Pediatric Dentistry in Lake Forest, CA

    It’s that time of year again … open enrollment for insurance plans!  I know this sounds awful, but stay with me here for a minute and I might help you save some money.  What does this mean for you?  And how can you maximize your benefits for the amount...

How Genetic Information Benefits Families

  Most babies are born healthy. However, about 3-5% of babies have a birth defect or problem with development.1 This is true even for couples who have already had healthy children or don’t think they have anything in their background to raise concern.  Family...

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Kabana Community : PODCAST EPISODE

Kabana Community : PODCAST EPISODE     We have the opportunity to talk with Flor one of the Founders of Kabana Community! More than ever we need this resource for Parents. Tune in to learn about Flor and Kabana  ...

We introduce you to : CASAGO the perfect outdoor adventure!

We introduce you to : CASAGO the perfect outdoor adventure!

How did CasaGogo come about? We've been producing the Joshua Tree Music Festivals since 2003 (31 of them so far, every May and Oct, except for this year). Since 2009, we've been collecting vintage trailers (28 of them), and fully renovating them in to cozy campers....

Join us this Week

Join us this Week

Mercy Chikowore is a woman with a burning passion to change the world for the better through storytelling and Public Relations. Born in Tokyo, Japan and having lived in Zimbabwe and Switzerland, Mercy has gained the knowledge to communicate to audiences and...

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Meet A Mom

Meet a Mom: Lifestyle Brand Founder Kimberly Snyder!

Meet a Mom: Lifestyle Brand Founder Kimberly Snyder!

Kimberly Snyder is this week’s Meet a Mom! We love highlighting female founders, especially ones that are in the business of helping other women, and that certainly describes Kimberly. She’s the founder of Solluna, a lifestyle brand which incorporates so many areas of...


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