Sports Buzz: Michael Seaton Super Star

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“Nikki’s Chic Boutique”

To blog, or not to blog… that is the question. Okay, seriously full disclosure.  I haven’t event typed a word until now because I have so much “blogger” anxiety and I don’t even know where to begin, I’m actually sweating just thinking about it.  I’ve been debating...

New Year Better YOU

It’s the time of the year to dream about new healthy habits and commit to leaving behind negative patterns that don’t align with your true self. Many people promise to eat a healthier diet, start working out, read more, or watch less television, but only a few succeed...

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“He gets to go to the office all day and have a REAL lunch break!....and coffee breaks! – I can’t even get a break to go to the bathroom!” “She gets to stay home all day with our baby and gets to see all of our baby’s firsts! – I’m missing so much!” JEALOUSY – that...

How To Thrive In Your Marriage After Having Kids

Photo by Juri Pozzi Share on: My husband and I met when we were 19 years old. We were in college at different schools but connected at a wedding the summer before our junior year. And so began countless phone conversations, letter-writing, and weekend getaways to...

Teaching Kids about Money

SAWITREE PAMEE / EYEEM VIA GETTY IMAGES It's important to teach kids the concept of money early on. Here's how to do it. In a world of credit cards, online banking, tax codes, investments and retirement plans, keeping up with money can be tough for adults, and even...

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Meet A Mom

MEET A MOM: DR. Heidi Goodarzi

My name is Heidi and I am an #IrvineMom and an #IrvineDermatologist. I first moved to Irvine in 1995. After a decade of living in various parts of the country for medical school and training, I came back to Irvine to settle down and raise a family. My husband is an...

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