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What is fantastic about this Brand, is that it is one with a Mission.  A direct one at that, and it is inspiring! Upon receiving my first Necklace, immediately I appreciate the Branding and the social media handles listed on the package. The Necklace Reads ” IRVINE MOMS”. It is tastefully crafted


It is Chic and Fun.  Sincerely Silver offers such a vast variety of Designs. It is hard to pick my favorite. Right now I have to admit the Circle Mountain Necklace along with the Personalized Necklace are stellar.

The Quality feels sturdy. If you are looking for a great gift via it be for your Friends or Co- Workers you will not go wrong.  Be ready to attract lots of compliments!




A little about Sincerely Silver:

The people of Sincerely Silver believe that feminism is and should be a form of equality for all sexes, in which a person is free to be whoever they want to be without economic, political or social limitation. We believe that feminism is still relevant today, but not in the way it was understood in its inception and not in the way it is understood by its modern definition (third and fourth wave). Feminism is still important today because, individually, women are still in need. We believe that feminism was an important historical movement since it addressed the disadvantages of women as a group in society. However, we believe that feminism today should focus on the individual stories of women, and not on the idea that women as a group are oppressed. As a company, we are focused on building each other up through encouraging one another: we believe there is strength in every woman’s story.



The women of Sincerely Silver believe being a woman today means…

  • Being respected for our ideas

  • Being affected by the world and using that affect for positive change

  • Not letting our status as a woman define us

  • Not having to think about the fact that we are women

  • Not being limited by our gender status

  • Being whoever you want to be, without limitation

  • Being strong, empathetic, brave, kind, ambitious, adaptable, compassionate, supportive

  • Empowering other women without tearing men down

  • Not being devalued just because we are women

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