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Your kids interested in Shoe Skating but not sure where to start?

Heelys website has a page with a Written Tutorial on How to Wheel. This will make your jitters subside and your child feel confident having a visual to reference. In no time, they will be out there skating away.

The Shoe is sturdy and got Two Thumbs up on the Comfort Level.  The Shoes come in a variety of colors and cool designs. Your kids will find it tough to pick just one. The Wheels come detached so you can place the wheels when you want to to skate and remove them when you are ready. In the box, you will receive instructions on how to insert and remove the wheels. Included is the tool you will need.

What to do with the wheels when you are ready to remove them? A special bag comes with your shoes so you can place them safely in the small bag.

It was important for us to have ankle support for skateboarding. This seems to be a Winner for us.




The Heelys vision is to inspire kids to be active, explore their freedom, unleash the fun and be fearless. For kids, Heelys aren’t just shoes. Heelys are an attitude, a way to express themselves, push their own boundaries and experience their world around them in a truly unique way. Heelys encourages kids and people of all ages to explore their world and lead active and healthy lifestyles through the benefit of movement; whether it’s through walking, running, or skating. With Heelys, it’s your choice. Heelys dares its wearers to be themselves and encourages them to make their own place in the world!

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