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You may not be familiar with the term revenge procrastination, but chances are you know a revenge procrastinator yourself. And you very well may be one!


“Revenge procrastination” is a broad, nonmedical term that has become more popular since the pandemic started. It refers to staying up late, perhaps watching videos on your phone or scrolling endlessly through social media, despite being exhausted and ready for sleep.


Some people hypothesize that this is an attempt to reclaim some “me time” after a day full of obligations and hassle. Moms know better than anyone what it feels like to devote every waking moment to others, so it makes sense that capturing some end-of-day time can feel like an act of revenge against forced selflessness.



Whatever the cause, revenge procrastination is unsustainable and unhealthy. You need sleep and proper rest and recovery. But “just go to bed earlier” isn’t helpful advice, as it doesn’t solve the underlying need for devoting time to oneself. Here are three alternatives that may help you get a better night’s sleep:


  1. Make time for yourself earlier in the day.

Unspent me-time doesn’t accumulate interest – but it does accumulate resentment and anxiety. So spend it earlier! Try carving out mini-breaks throughout the day where you can scroll through Instagram or just veg on the couch for 15 minutes at a time, guilt-free.


  1. Banish your phone from your bedroom.

How many times have you lain in bed, thinking “one more video!” as you doomscroll. If your bedroom is separate from your living area, consider leaving the phone outside and reading in bed instead. It may even be worth investing in a newfangled alarm clock that wakes you up in a gentle, soothing way with light and sounds. Bonus: you won’t be tempted to check email or Slack before you’re even upright in the morning.


  1. Set a timer.

If all else fails and you just have to bring Instagram or “MomTok” into your bedroom at night, at least set a countdown timer on your phone. That gives you a physical reminder that it’s time to turn things off and go to sleep. There’s a reason casinos have no clocks or indication of time available – it’s easy to surrender to the dopamine fixes when you don’t know how late it is.

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