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A morning routine will help you simplify your day and brighten your morning. Starting your day intentionally with things that make you smile and slow down may be even more powerful than a strong cup of coffee.




morning routine

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a consistent morning routine.

You’ll feel less scattered and more focused all day long when you give yourself time first thing to settle into the day. While it all contributes, the meditation component of my morning routine helps me come back more quickly when I do get distracted.

Not only will you be more creative throughout the day, when you are practicing your morning routine with an open heart and mind, creative ideas seem to drop out of the sky. So much of my book and blog writing starts on the yoga mat or while journaling or walking.

Learning to under-react is one of the best parts of the morning routine effect. You’ll learn to pause, to consider your words and to remember not to believe everything you think.

A morning routine will help you understand what matters and just as important, what doesn’t. You can apply what you are learning to your to-do list, your day and your life.

A meaningful morning routine can fuel your heart, soul, body and brain depending on the activities you choose. You can fuel up with food too by including a healthy breakfast at the end of your morning routine.

Your morning routine will help you become more of the real you. The connection you are making with your own heart will encourage connections with the people you are meant to be with. The more you that you are, the more likely you are to attract the right people for you.

morning routine


Next week, you can hear more about my morning routine on the new podcast, Soul & Wit that I created with my daughter Bailey. Subscribe now and listen to the trailer. Later this week, we are sharing five episodes including one all about morning routines.

My morning routine changes with the seasons. Right now, it’s cold and dark when I wake up, so my focus is on things that will brighten my morning. I want to feel ready to enjoy my day instead of wanting to crawl back under the covers.

7 Simple and Healthy Ways to Brighten Your Morning

1. Drink water with fresh squeezed lemon juice. My first drink of the day is 16 oz. of water and lemon juice. It wakes me up from the inside out. Hydrating first thing is a great way to brighten up.

2. Move your body. Take a walk or stretch out. I like moving with Yoga with Adriene.

3. Sit still. Once my body is warmed up, I sit quietly in meditation for 20 minutes. If meditation isn’t for you, try simply sitting still and paying attention to your breath.

4. Put your hands on your heart. For a few seconds, or a few minutes, place your hands on your heart. We do a deep dive into this powerful heart practice in the Soulful Simplicity course.

5. Write something. Write in a journal, make a list, or jot down some thoughtful words in a thank you note. Move some of the things on your mind to paper. Here are some journaling prompts to help.

6. Call someone you love. Start your morning with connection by calling someone you love.

7. Let go. Think about what’s holding you back from enjoying your day. Is it clutter in your kitchen or a story you are telling yourself? What do you need to do to let it go and enjoy your day?

If you don’t have a morning routine, start with two of these recommendations and add in others as you build the habit of starting your day with intention.

P.S. The Soulful Simplicity Course begins on January 13th. If you sign up this month, join me for a live call on December 30th about how to thoughtfully close out 2019 to make room for everything you want in 2020. 




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