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Signs Of Stress And How To Help

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What is stress?

Stress. The word that brings every individual to shivers. But, what is stress exactly?

Stress is an emotional and physical pressure which is due to the body’s reaction to a certain situation. People endure stress through different ways. However, there are two types of stress: the ‘good’ stress and the ‘bad’ stress.

Positive stress can help an individual overcome problems and improve your overall performance. This is usually short-term and is considered as a motivation to accomplish certain goals. On the other hand, however, negative stress is defined as long-term, and it feels unpleasant. This will actually decrease your performance, and it can lead to severe mental problems.

There are various reasons why people get stressed. Examples for positive stress includes moving, preparations for big events, or even retiring. Instances where negative stress occurs is due to abuse, conflicts, unemployment, and even when thinking or worrying about the future.    

Signs of stress range from emotional stress to behavioral stress which includes palpitations, low energy, headaches, colds, and more.    

Stress can affect people in various different methods. It can also lead to health problems such as kidney failures or heart burns. To some degree, individuals might start smoking and drinking. Others will most likely experience fatigue or anxiety which might eventually lead to depression.   

How to help?

According to Life Coach Michelle Shahbazyan, the different manifestations, which include anxiety and anger, are ways the body is speaking to a person to proclaim that something is not working as well as would be their ideal. A solution to correct these negative manifestations is to possess a balanced lifestyle.

In order to help individuals who are undergoing the negative aspects of stress, know the person as an individual and what they are striving to be successful in. Then, try to understand what is holding them back. One big reason that does hold the majority of individuals back is fear. In order to bring the person back into a positive light, help them gain new insights and perspectives into their individual lifestyles.

One way in relieving stress is by establishing new functional patterns in place of the dysfunctional ones. First, figure out what is causing the person to stress out and slowly change their negative habits into positive ones. Examples include exercise and writing in a journal. Everybody can live a long and healthy lifestyle. If a problem does hold you back, however,  do not be afraid to ask for help.

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Source: Michelle Shahbazyan, Life Coach

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