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Craftsmanship is the result of mixing passion, care, and attention to detail, and that is precisely the quality you will receive from any of the modern furniture made by RLDH. Having a desk is essential to creating a comfortable work environment, especially when working from home. A desk can help keep you focused while helping you stay organized. In addition to helping productivity, the minimalistic design of a beautifully designed desk can also help bring peace of mind, clarity, and focus. All these reasons are why RLDH is so popular and the right choice for a desk.


RLDH makes all of its products in California and is designed by the owner Rodolfo Lozano. RLDH has a wide range of standing desks(1), office accessories, and laptop tables, with every product being eco-friendly and made to order. They can make custom orders as well. Rodolfo always had an interest in modern design, and it shows in his creations.  His father owned a furniture shop in Mexico when he was growing up, and that is where his interest peaked. Despite his interest, Rodolfo’s father wanted better for his son. Rodolfo’s father was successful in steering him away from the furniture business. Rodolfo was able to graduate with a degree in Engineering and landed a successful job soon after. But he always knew modern design and woodworking was where his heart indeed was. 


Rodolfo would continue to build equipment as a hobby until one day, after all the compliments he would receive from friends on his work, he started a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter was so successful that eventually, it led to Rolofo making the tough decision of leaving his job to pursue his dream. The journey of Rodolfo and RLDH is the stuff of movies. The products are great, and the story behind them is even better. RLDH has a perfect 5-star rating on etsy with over 3,000 sales. Make sure to check them out on Instagram @by_rldh and get your desk today. 



After you receive your RLDH desk, here are some tips to increase productivity from working at home.



While working from home is challenging, there are ways to help you be productive. Perhaps the essential advice for working at home that will benefit most is to create a set work schedule. Creating a set work schedule will allow your body and mind to get accustomed to knowing that it is time to get to work. Choose the best start time that you know will increase productivity. If you are a morning person, maybe start at 8 a.m. If you like to wake up later, perhaps start at noon. After determining your work schedule, this is when you can begin to add scheduled breaks. Scheduling breaks is essential because it can be a reward to yourself for working hard. It will keep you disciplined and prevent you from taking too many little breaks in between. Also, getting dressed and not working in your pajamas can help with productivity. Getting dressed up like you are ready to work, plus the set work schedule, will help you feel prepared and productive. Lastly, remember to go outside and get some fresh air while still following CDC guidelines. The natural light and fresh air will help, especially if you have been in front of a computer screen all day.  Working from home can be tough, but getting yourself organized and disciplined will help your mind and body know that you will be productive. 



Credit: Mario Lopez

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