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A Conversation with  Madeleine Doherty:

If you are looking for a memories to create with your Children , a family outing to the Theater should be on the top of your list. The Theater is a special and magical experience. It allows Children to grasp onto imagination, wonder and embrace the Storytelling.

There is something to be said about Dressing up for an Event , a night out on a school night no less! We had such a wonderful experience. We started off walking around enjoying the Architecture of the Segerstrom Theater. We ended up on the 2nd Floor to the Kids Corner. Right before the show, you will find a kids section for Arts and Crafts along with Show Props and Photo opportuntiies.


If you have a sweet tooth then this is right up your alley, you will have the chance to purchase Candy on site and enjoy while singing along to the Show.

We had the honor of having a conversation with one of the Show’s Lead Characters.  Please enjoy and run to get your Golden Ticket.



What inspired you to be an Actress? (Had you seen theatre productions that inspired you? What works move you and what are your favorite productions? Background: When did you find out you were cast in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?)

I watched late night movies as a kid. I would get up sneak down to the family room and turn on the TV. I would watch Bette Davis, Norma Shearer, Helen Hayes, and Jessica Tandy. I was fascinated by the level of make believe that I believed. The next thing I knew I was in community theater and there I flourished. I drove to NYC with a friend from Indianapolis to see Sweeney Todd at the then Uris Theater in 1979. I knew I wanted to pursue being an actress. I was in the Broadway company of Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as Grandma Georgina. When the tour was being cast, they graciously asked me to audition for Mrs. Teavee.

Did you incorporate your creative work and involving your kids as a Mom as you began to prepare for this Show?

It’s so very helpful to have “Mom” experience to not only be Mike’s Mom but also relate to the other kids and their parents and the silly competition between them all. It really is rather fun to have that experience and level of understanding.





The role of Mrs. Teavee, do you share similar parenting styles? (Could you please introduce us to Mrs. Teavee? Is she traditional, conservative, is she fun, over the top?)

Mike Teavee is all Mrs. Teavee has. Pathetic right? Well, that’s where the comedy comes in because it’s the real things that make us laugh. She coddles him, she capitulates, she concedes. You can only hope you’re not like her as a Mom!

Working in a 36 person ensemble, what are the parallels to being at a family reunion? 

If you are fortunate enough to work with lovely colleagues like I do, then your family reunion will be a smash! However, I do not think that is the way it always goes with those events! Ha! But that being said, like with a family I highly recommend investing in those friendships, forging those relationships, and embracing the ups an downs that accompany them. It’s worth it.

What are some funny experiences you can share over the course of working with the children actors  that have been sweet and favorite?

When I was in Les Miserables on Broadway I was the Dance Captain. I was responsible for teaching the show to new cast members, including the child actors. I watched and learned from the best and was able to help those young actors maintain consistency and be believable as little Cosette and Gavroche. That was rewarding work. Conversely, while I was in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway, one of the Charlies had a habit of mouthing the words of the actor (especially Grandpa Joe) he would be doing a scene with. Well, it made us grandparents laugh to no end to watch that!

How important are the Arts to you and your Family? (what take away can we the audience help incorporate into our schedules to be sure we help our children connect with the Arts)  

I grew up in Indiana with a non-showbiz family but they all loved musicals and theater. I was the beneficiary of that love, so I carry it on to my son and grandson. Theater especially carries a lot of weight, it’s part of the fabric of our family.




What can Parents and Families expect from the Show?


Our show has lots of heart and lots of splash: beautiful visual effects, songs that soar, an acting company that is both funny and touching, gorgeous visuals and tender moments. There is a lot of craft to marvel at, be it technical, musical, dancing, acting, and, of course, singing. We have some very very good singers in our show, especially those young Charlies.

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