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What is this new store that has opened at Irvine Spectrum near Habana? What is this place for?


This new store that has opened up is called Cheatland! It is a recently developed museum that comprises of interactive activities right by your side.

I visited Cheatland earlier last month and was immediately overwhelmed by the diversity in color, art, and activities. But, what really intrigued me was the aroma of the food. As I vividly watched the friendly interactions between the customers and employers, I wanted to explore the history of this place.


Nick Reyes, the main artist and owner, addressed the initial growth and idea of Cheatland.

About a year ago, Nick’s sister, Ruby, visited Japan and was attracted to a divergent exhibition. One interesting component of this particular exhibition was the inclusion of a large mirror that depicted a completely different view of what is directly shown to an individual. As soon as she came back, Ruby yearned for constructing a modern yet intricate museum, and her family stood right by her side.






“The main intention behind building Cheatlandis so that people can incorporate fitness and food in the same vicinity,” Reyes said. “This public museum urges to create memories through family gatherings. Not only should people immerse themselves in various activities, but they can also acquire a more tranquil area by engrossing themselves into food, such as the free churros.”  

Requests from many places, such as New York and San Francisco, has caught the eye of the Reyes family. They never realized how big this family business got until these requests. Their first Cheatland opened up in Downtown LA in September of 2018; however, they had to close it down in order to open the one at Irvine Spectrum. With 15 to 17 rooms, Cheatland is now expanding in a sensational manner throughout the nation.  




“Each room is parallel to every individual’s cravings,” Reyes said. “There is a Hispanic room filled with tacos, and there are multiple rooms that can entice people with a sweet tooth, such as the chocolate room and the donut room.”






After manueving through the Cheatland museum, I realized how fascinating and different this museum is compared to other museums. The main attraction here are the interactive activities where children have a playfield and adults can engage in yoga or other participatory activities.


Cheatland is a phenomenal place to visit when you are yearning for a content and peaceful day. This place involves many family activities that can bring people together under one roof. The fundamental intent behind this breathtaking museum is to discover something you have never viewed before with the people you love.     


Photo Credits: Netty Nut and Roxanna Faithful

Writer: Harshita D.


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