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Tell us about the B Body Method you use at your fitness center, how did you create it and find it effective?
I, Jake Barrena, created the B Body Method based on what my past clients needed over the last 16 years of coaching. The method is a combination of STRENGTH and BURN (a.k.a, cardio) movements. We do these movements in routines called circuits and supersets but everyday is a new challenge and never the same. This method is effective for burning fat and muscle at the time. Our expertise is in fitness increase and fat loss.

What was the idea behind merging B Body Fitness and Charity?
I, Jake Barrena, am all about giving back. So that is why I came up with concept, “Churcg For Fitness”.
What is church for fitness? A place where all races, all ethnicity, all genders, all people are welcome to be a part of family. We lovingly accept everyone with no judgment. It does not matter, if you belong to a church, organization or nothing at all. We provide individuals with a community of people who truly care for each other.
Our number one priority is changing lives inside the gym, we will also focus on changing lives outside of the gym. B Body commits to donate our time, resources and finances to help those less fortunate in our community in four ways; Selfless Sundays, Serve Saturdays, Burn One Give One and monthly donations.



Tell us about the selfless Sunday program you have?
Selfless Sundays is a non-profit day for B Body to give back to our community. On this day we provide FREE group fitness classes to ANYONE who wants to join a good workout. B Body is all about giving back, we do not sell memberships on this day but help influence lives through a simple message of LOVE through our fitness classes.

What are workouts you feel are best for beginners ?
All of the classes are for beginners to advanced. Since our class are semi private we have the ability to make adjustments for each member as needed. Our Coaches are well trained and fantastic at helping beginners.


How did you start your fitness journey? Were you always a personal trainer?
I was a coach for 16 years. Before I was coach, I had multiple other jobs/careers. Notably, I was a youth pastor for 3 years at a local church. After deciding pastoring was not for me at the time, I decided to choose another career as an entrepreneur. I have been a business owner for 17 years now. 
I am a thankful man. I serve a loving and all-powerful God, married a beautiful woman of 14 years, have two amazing kids (3 and 5), true friends and family that stick by my side, a relentless passion for success in my businesses, and unquenchable drive for life in its simplicity.
I truly have a desire to love and serve people. I find excitement in the unknown and look forward to the future. With hard work and discipline, I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.
My mission in life is simple: to build a legacy of faith, love, and entrepreneurship. I aim to accomplish this every day. I fall short at times, but I press on to finish strong.


What inspired you to create your own fitness business combined with your beliefs?My mission in life is simple: to build a legacy of faith, love, and entrepreneurship. So, everything I do in this life is to fulfil that mission/purpose.


Does nutrition and working out go hand in hand? Yes. Without proper nutrition and exercise you will not experience the fullness of fitness. It’s important to properly diet and workout according to your goals. So, find “Game Changing Goals”!


What do you wish for every member to get out of a B Body fitness class? Our program is all about someone’s mind, body, and spirit. We aim to EMPOWER our members to get in the best shape of their life and give back.

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“Be Somebody” which is to empower people to be their best version.

To not settle for mediocrity.

That includes not living life for themselves but for others.

The ultimate daily sacrifice is to live life unselfishly.


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