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Sending a huge shout out to all you strong Irvine step mamas out there!  I know it can be tough sometimes- we struggle to balance our entire lives on our shoulders, making sure everything and everyone is taken care of… often overlooking our own needs.  I am  here to remind you how special you are, not to forget how much strength you carry and how important you are to everyone in your life.  It takes a unique individual to continue to show up everyday, refusing to give up despite all the struggles you encounter.





Whether your step journey is calm at the moment or whether youre treading through rough seas… (I have been there so many times)



My journey has been anything but smooth, but thats the thing, so many of us have parallel stories, similar toxic situations, or are dealing with the same type of people on the other side… and sometimes just to know youre not alone, and that you still have a voice, is the only way to hold onto your sanity.  So, when I am asked how I get through it my answer remains the same… you have to do what you can to set boundaries, stick to them, and focus back on the kiddos.



Focus on the love and all the amazing memories you have together… They need you! You were not placed in their lives by accident.  Step back, take a deep breath and don’t waste that energy girl!  Choose your own peace over all that nastiness, manipulation, and chaos.  Youre worth it!



You have to remember how magical you are without any thank you’s or validation.  You have come so far… and you are not alone!  You are doing better than you think mama- so give yourself some bonus credit, take back your power and remember who you are!  Keep on keepin on! Im proud of you!  XOXO, Erynne



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