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How many of us have booked a Ticket and then the scenerious begin rapidly begin flashing across your mind?
Flying with Kids can seem daunting and one thing to pack is your patience. I also find that having a flexible mind frame is essential because you know that nothing ever going according to plan.

So the best we can do as Parents is

Arm yourself with snacks


Load up with your Favorite Snacks and your chidlren’s healthy snacks.  It is always easier to prepare ahead of time with your Snack Prep so you have it ready and packed.

You may even encourage your Kids to join in the process of baking homemade muffins annd other go to items that will save you in a pinch.


Bentgo Kids Leakproof Children’s Lunch Boxes are small and easy to tuck in your carry on.

Bentgo Kids Leakproof Children's Lunch Box, Purple

Make regular toilet stops. Creating a habit of Pre boarding bathroom breaks making it easier for you to get on the plane without having too many distractions on flight in a panic.



Never travel without an iPad or tablet. What are great Apps or online games for kids?


All-New Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Yellow Kid-Proof Case


Be prepared for upset tummies. Never seems to fail right? You have a great getaway planned and your child becomes ill or has an upset tummy. You may be able to place Amazon orders ahead of time to help you with Emergency Kits, Medications at a nearby Pharmacy.  Oral rehydration solutions [such as Pedialyte] and Tylenol are the two must haves for babies. For kids over two years old, also bring Motrin and probiotics.



Take a break. For Kids bring some headphones that they can enjoy listening to music or while playing an Online Game or watching movies as well as for parents bring along your Book that you have not been able to catch up.



CozyPhones Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Ultra-Thin Speakers Soft Fleece Headband – Perfect Children’s Earphones for School, Home and Travel

Pre-Book Everything You Can and Don’t Overpack. If you are staying at an Air B&B ask if they have a  washer and dryer making it easier for you to pack less. Pack what you actually need.

BedBox® Blue Sky



  • Spacious and carry-on sized
  • Swivel wheels in front, for supurb manoeuvring
  • Adjustable strap allows parents to carry over their shoulder
  • Practical top-opening to prevent items from falling out
  • Children can ride on, be pulled along or pull themselves


✔︎ Suitcase with adjustable strap
✔︎ Two sheets of decorative stickers
✔︎ Mattress with seat extenstion


Explain the Trip to your Kids, so they are just as excited and know what to prepare for. Having a good balance of Fun for Parents and Kids is key.



Give yourself a break. Dont overwhelm your travels back to back with Kids Classes and Actvities, find something you and your partner want to do as well. For us when we Ventured to Denver, CO


We had a short time a couple days over the weekend so as soon as we got into Town, We stopped in for a lunch and then headed out to catch our Breathe. That Elevation is no joke. We found that Woods Boss was family friendly and had family board games, That is a hit for us. We know our child has a good one hour grace period before looking over at us asking , “Are we done yet”
Knowing that we could play chess and tic tac toe and enjoy a conversation was a score.



Woods Boss Brewing Company

2210 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Image result for denver wood boss brewing



The Woods Boss
The Woods Boss reminds the team of the Big Picture – doing a job, doing it well, caring for the earth, and caring for each other.
The Woods Boss takes one aside, gives him/her another perspective when the going gets tough.
The Woods Boss performs trail magic with a Pulaski, a bandana, and duct tape.
The Woods Boss believes change happens when seeds are planted in youth working outdoors.
The Woods Boss is at home where the mountains embrace the rivers.
The Woods Boss revels in the dirt, the sweat, the satisfaction of a job well done.
The Woods Boss is the guy or gal who completes the circle.
The Woods Boss defines work ethic and sets the tone.
A Woods Boss has a special personality: intelligent, compassionate, prudent, and totally wacky.
A Woods Boss has no ego. It’s about the community and getting the job done right.
A Woods Boss dances in the rain, full moonlight or in a random parking lot.
A Woods Boss believes in the philosophy of Ubuntu.
The Woods Boss kicks it with a much-deserved brew, in good company, and gears up to get back on the trail.
“Excellent beer, love the space! It’s a beautiful open layout with comfy seats, games…and did I mention the beer? Started with the Mickey’s Blonde (perfect Belgian Blonde), then moved to the Foothills Fire Red (amazing!), and eventually made it to the Trail God.”
Max P, Marina del Rey, CA


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We then made our way to the  Denver Museum of Nature & Science

2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205

This Museum is incredible. Three Floors of hands on exploring and volunteers at your Finger tips available to help guide you and help answer your questions. This is a perfect spot for day indoors and not to worry about packing a lunch.
There is a Cafe on site. Parking is Free and Daily tours and shows are sccheduled. This is worthy Museum that you really have to add to your line up if you love your History and Science under one Roof.



Image result for children history and science museum denver



The Denver Museum of Nature & Science envisions an empowered community that loves, understands, and protects our natural world.

Core Values

  • We love science.
  • We are curious, creative, and playful.
  • We cultivate relationships with each other, diverse communities, the environment, and for our future.
  • We think critically and act with empathy.

“Together with you, we share new discoveries with the world, preserve scientific treasures that pique curiosities, and open eyes and minds to the wonders of nature and science.”


Museum Hours
9 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Museum is open seven days a week year-round, except December 25.

The Guest Services phone line is open daily, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at 303.370.6000, except December 25.

Museum Shop Hours
10 a.m.-5 p.m., daily

T-Rex Cafe
11 a.m.-2 p.m., daily

T-Rex Grab & Go
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Dock Hours
8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


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responsive image



We tired our hand at VR and it was surreal. You can ask for your Child to be in the Same room with you or next door to you when you are trying this out.

Make sure to ask your Guide to explain the layout , the length, and format of the game. We asked for a Game that we could all play together and be connected since it was our first time.

Kaboom VR Arcade

1448, 9660 E Alameda Ave Unit 106, Denver, CO 80247



Image result for kaboom vr denver



Kaboom VR gaming arcade is inviting you to the opening of the biggest Colorado Virtual Reality gaming arcade. Over 15 machines are ready for you and your friends to show the inevitable of gaming future. 50+ virtual experiences will get you staying here for HOURS !!! Compete against friends and work together as a team against zombies or hordes of orcs. Lots of fun for all ages only at Kaboom VR


As we continue to explore with Getaways, you find what works for you and your family. Is it short Road Trips or Short Flights before making decisions to add on long flights or long drives.

At this point , short flights for us seem to work and leave us arriving in tact where we are not grumpy or tired. We arrive excited and ready to tackle the town, and knowing that our trip was a short one made it that much sweeter. You know you will be home soon back to your routine but enjoyed a sweet memory and bonding experience not to mention sometimes it is nice to get out of  your weekend norm to try new things.

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