Disneyland Insider Tips - Irvine Moms

1. Download the Disneyland and Disney Play apps
With the Disneyland app you can manage your tickets and passes, create an
itinerary, order food and skip the line, see current wait times for rides, and more.
The second app, Disney Play, provides interactive experiences around the park
that will keep your children entertained and distracted while waiting in long lines
or trudging from land to land.

2. Watch the parade from the starting point
By watching the parade from the starting point you will have more time for other
activities in your jam-packed day. It will be a much shorter wait time than if you sit
at the end point, as those people have to wait for the parade to travel through the
entire route before it reaches them. Parade route directions differ with each type
of parade, so ask a cast member what time the parade starts and where the
starting point will be that day. Be sure to set up camp at least 20 to 30 minutes
early, because the beginning of the parade tends to be a popular viewing spot.


3. Get in line for Dole Whip in the Tiki Room Line
Is Disneyland Dole Whip a must-have when you visit the parks? Because it is
one of the most popular food items, the lines can get a bit long. What people don’t know
is that there is a second line, just inside the Tiki Room Entrance. This line is typically
shorter because it seems like it is a part of the queue, so if you enter there you will
decrease your wait time and get the yummy dole whip quicker.


4. Utilize Fastpasses wisely
Fastpasses are a great way to get on your favorite rides quicker. They are
offered for the most popular rides in both parks, and can be found at Fastpass
stations in front of those rides. Because these rides typically have the longest
wait times, some of the most sought-out Fastpasses typically run out by noon. To
avoid missing out on this advantage, grab your Fastpasses early. You can get a
Fastpass every two hours, or at the start time of your Fastpass slot, so be sure to
get as many as you can within the limitations.



5. Take Advantage of Extra Magic Hour or Magic Morning : If you are a local, a helpful tip is to purchase a ticket with “Magic Morning”.

This will allow you access to the park one hour before it opens. This is a great benefit
because you do not have to wait in long lines, and you can get a head start on
reserving Fastpasses for the day. If you are not local to Anaheim, consider
staying at the Disneyland Resort when attending the park. This will guarantee
you an “Extra Magic Hour”, which has the same benefits as the Magic morning.



6. Dine with the characters
The Disneyland Resort offers dining experiences where you can interact with
multiple characters at one time. Taking part in one of these will give you more time to
experience attractions and shows while inside the parks, since you already checked
meeting the characters off your list. There are 6 restaurants that have character dining,
and they are located both inside the park and at Disney-owned hotels outside of the
park. These breakfast time slots are extremely popular, so make sure you book them
early. You can book these experiences up to 60 days in advance. Make your
reservations here:


7. Use Rider Switch
If you have a young child who does not meet the height requirements or does not
want to go on a certain ride, you can utilize the rider switch ability that is available for
certain attractions. This allows everyone in the party who would like to ride an attraction
to do so without having to wait in line twice.
How it works: The first parent or party rides the attraction first, while another supervises
the child in a designated waiting area. Once the first party gets off of the ride they will
switch places with the supervising party, allowing the initial supervisor to skip waiting in
line. To use this accommodation, you must first check in with a cast member who will
scan your tickets to grant you the ability.


8. Shop at the end of the day
If there is a toy your kid has been eyeing, wait until the end of your Disney day to
purchase it. This will allow you to have less stuff to lug around while walking
throughout the park, and trust us, you will really appreciate a lighter load. If you
plan on staying until the park closes, don’t worry about missing out on grabbingyour souvenirs, because the Main Street USA gift shops remain open for about
an hour after the park actually closes.


9. Trade Pins with cast members
A fun Disneyland tradition is pin-trading. The pins that are available to purchase
at the parks change very often, so Disney enthusiasts like to collect as many as
they can. What people may not know is that if you find a cast member wearing a
lanyard full of pins, you can ask them to trade with you. They are obligated to do
so, so if you see something you like, don’t be afraid to ask!


10.Make Reservations for the Blue Bayou ahead of time
All of the dining experiences at Disneyland and California adventure are unique,
but one of the most unique restaurants is the Blue Bayou, located inside the Pirates of
the Carribean ride. This restaurant sits on the water near the loading dock, where you
can watch the boats go by as they embark on the pirate journey. The scenery inside this
part of the ride is set at night time, so it provides a soothing and relaxing environment
while you enjoy a nice meal. This restaurant is more on the pricey side compared to
other restaurants around the park, but the experience will be one you will never forget.
You are able to make reservations 60 days in advance, so if this is something you are
interested in be sure to hop on it right away.


11.Know where to relax
A Disney day can get overwhelming for even someone with as much energy as
the Energizer Bunny. Especially for parents, walking around the park all day in
the hot sun can really wear you out. Lucky for you, there are many places around
both parks where you can sit and relax and also get some peace and quiet. In
Disneyland, take a breather at the Main Street Cinema, Tom Sawyer’s Island,
baby care centers, or the dock between Matterhorn and Finding Nemo. At
California Adventure visit the animation building, the Redwood Creek Challenge
Trail, or the area below the Silly Symphony Swings.


12. Know where to get free things
Although the parks themselves can be pricey, there are some ways you can get
free items. In Disneyland you can get free celebration buttons, water cups, a photo on
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, a Jungle Cruise Map, birthday desserts at sit-down restaurants, souvenir storage at select shops, and more. California Adventure offers the
water cups and celebration buttons along with free chocolates at Ghirardelli Square,
bread from the Boudin Bread Factory, and a newspaper on Buena Vista street.




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