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Easter is approaching! Easter is the next big holiday that reunites families and offers a bit of fun! Candy, Easter eggs, egg hunting, and fun outdoor activities are what Easter has started to symbolize.

But, did you know the Easter Bunny legend began in Germany? Well it did! Before, Christianity came to Germany, the hare was said to be the symbol of the Pagan Goddess of Spring and Fertility. If you think that’s interesting, then get ready to learn about 10 Easter gift baskets ideas you can use this Easter that are both cute and fun!


  1. JOYIN Easter Eggs Filled with Slime 

The JOYIN Easter eggs are cute eggs that you can add to any easter gift basket. They are filled with slime that come in many colors and designs. They are festive and fun for children. Get it on Amazon for $13.99! 


  1. Prextex Easter Eggs

The Prextex Easter eggs are white paintable eggs that children can decorate on their own and create their own and unique designs. These are great for any easter gift basket!

Get it on Amazon for $8.99!


  1. IDJWVU DIY Easter Eggs 

The IDJWVU Easter eggs are a great DIY choice when it comes to decorating! You can decorate the eggs with stickers and fill them with toys. A cute and creative easter surprise.Get it on Amazon for $18.99! 


  1. Lillian Vernon Personalized Baskets

The Lillian Vernon personalized baskets are very cute easter baskets that you can stitch your name onto. It would make a great gift basket for any loved one!

Get it on Amazon for $33.99!


  1. Winlyn DIY Egg Ornament Decorations 

The Winlyn DIY egg ornament decorations are a fun activity that would be perfect in any Easter basket. You can bedazzle and decorate the ornament however you like.

Get it on Amazon for $17.99!


  1. JOYIN Easter Egg Blank Animals

These JOYIN Easter eggs have a hidden surprise in them. The eggs contain blank animals and paint for you to have fun with. It makes a great and different easter basket gift. Get it now on Amazon for $21.99!


  1. Play-Doh Eggs 

The Play-Doh Eggs come in a variety of colors and you can make your own eggs out of Play-Doh. Have fun and make a cute design with this great gift!

 Get it now on Amazon for $20.96!


  1. The Egg Eggmazing Egg Decorator

The Egg Eggmazing Egg Decorator is a very fun gift to include in any Easter basket. It holds your egg and allows you to decorate it without any of the mess!

Get it now on Amazon for $24.99!


  1. Prextex Stress Relief Eggs

The Prextex Easter eggs are a great Easter gift and an all-around gift for the whole year. The egg is a stress ball and a great addition for any gift basket!

Get it now on Amazon for $10.99!


  1. OAproda Easter Eggs

The OAproda is a painting kit for eggs that comes with 8 eggs, paint in a variety of colors, and a base. This would go well in any Easter basket. Get it now on Amazon for $16.99!

Easter is a great and fun holiday, so it deserves fun eggs basket gifts!

Be the favorite parent, aunt, uncle, cousin, parent, or family friend that all the children are thankful for this Easter.

Any one of these options would be a great gift for any kid or someone who’s a kid at heart!

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