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Here are our MUST have tips and items to help you and your family in the event that an earthquake occurs.


We spoke to Captain Nguyen of the Orange County Fire Authority. Here are some top tips that he shared with us to ensure that your family can be prepared as possible for an earthquake.

First and foremost, have a discussion with your family. Understand that an emergency, like an earthquake, can happen to anyone. Expect the unexpected in order to be the most prepared.

Second, get your kit together. The list we have below can give you a good start to making a kit. There are multiple premade kits available, however it is important that you have one that is customized to your needs. 

Third, during an earthquake stay away from any glass. Have a sturdy piece of furniture that can protect yourself, especially your head.

Fourth, have someone out of state as a point of contact. 

Finally, have an evacuation plan. Give people roles within your family, make sure that everything is being accounted for. Having these tasks divided up will make it a lot easier if there is a need to evacuate.



Here are some helpful tips to keep in your home and in your car!

Having a water filter of some type is important in an emergency. From LifeStraw you can get a dispenser, bottle, or straw that filters and removes contaminants in order to keep you safe in an emergency when finding clean water may be difficult. It is also a good idea to have a case of bottled water on hand at all times.





A first aid kit from REI is key for any time, not just an emergency. Making sure that your first aid kit is well stocked is something that should be checked regularly.





Having a hand-crank or solar powered radio and charging device from Stealth Angel Survival is definitely an essential. This device allows you to listen to AM/FM stations as well as NOAA emergency broadcasts. It also comes with a flashlight, which is bound to come in handy.


Other Options:



Having some type of nonperishable food is a must. You can always stock up on canned goods, but food kits from Ready Wise are an easy way to have everything that you need in one place. Kits are pretty customizable to ensure that you have something that you would actually want to eat in a time of emergency.


Other Options:


A portable power station from OUPES can give you that extra backup of power that you may need. It is able to charge your phone, laptop, a kettle, camera, or anything else you may need.

Other Options:




A pocketknife is a small compact essential. This item is worth spending a bit more on for a good quality item, such as a Swiss Army Knife. Having it be brightly colored is also a plus, making it easier to find in a kit. 

Other Options:




Batteries of all types should be kept on hand. While many of the options above include crank and solar options. Having the extra security of batteries is always a plus. Rechargeable batteries are also a great option to get the most bang for your buck.

Other Options:




In the event that your phone dies or phone lines are down, walkie talkies are an easy way to keep in contact with those near you.

Other Options:



A toiletry kit can always come in handy, Backpacks USA has everything you could need. While there may not be running water for a shower, being able to freshen up can make one feel more comfortable in a time of an emergency.

Other Options:



Heat may not be readily available in the time of an emergency. Having an emergency blanket that is insulated from the Red Cross is sure to keep you warm.


For more information and tips visit:

OUPES Portable Power Station 1100W, Solar Generator for Outdoors, Emergency Power for Off Grid


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