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As a model, youtuber, nonprofit founder, and owner of a newly launched inclusive swimwear
line, Alexa Phelece does it all. Alexa puts in work every single day to be an inspiration to people
of all ages, and highlights the importance of being confident with yourself and your body. Her
nonprofit “Every Body Deserves Love” really drives home that idea, with focus groups that help
people find their confidence, and fun events full of positive vibes. We wanted to know more, so
we spoke to Alexa to find out why she does what she does, and what exciting things she has
coming up.


Can you explain what Every Body Deserves Love Inc. is?
Every Body Deserves Love Inc is also known as EBDL. EBDL is a nonprofit organization that
empowers humanity to love themselves. We are developing innovative programs and events
that cater to the mental health, individuality, self-esteem and overall wellness of our members.


When was EBDL created? What inspired you to start this non-profit?
EBDL was initially a hashtag. It started as a social media movement. At the time I started
modeling and began my own journey to self-love. I was tired of feeling terrible about myself and
my body. I wanted more for myself and others. I wanted to get more people to see their body
through the lense of love and gratitude. As I was going through school as a human services and
mental health major, I recognized what kind of good this mentality could offer to those who
suffer from issues like depression, anxiety, and poor self image. The idea of a nonprofit
community effort began to look more and more possible. I believe there are a lot of people being
left behind because of lack of resources and self-esteem support. After our first beach party,
Ashley Graham found us and recognized us on the TV Show Celebrity Undercover boss. It was
a dream come true!


Can you walk us through a support group session? Who facilitates the conversation and
what types of issues are talked about?
Support groups are the best. They are easy going, age inclusive and truly embody our values.
We meet once a month for about a few hours at a time. It is scheduled for only 1.5 hrs but it
always goes over because we enjoy the positive company. We usually meet at an outdoor
location and start the time together by eating snacks, and getting to know each other. Then we
participate in small groups working on self-love worksheets, and discuss whatever the members
feel is important to them at the time we meet. There is usually a therapist or counselor on site. I
love our support groups because they seem casual, but they are highly effective when it comes
to providing resources, love, and support.


What is the first step to self love? I would say the first step to self love is recognizing you are the master of your own thoughts
and feelings. Once you can accept that truth, we can now work on why it may be so hard to
accept and honor who you are. It is a life-long cyclical process.
Based off of your Instagram account we noticed that you are also into fashion.



What is one staple item that every woman should have in their closet?
I think every woman should own a bikini. Yes, I said it. BIKINI! Sun and sand has been a big
part of my youth and adulthood but I never had the courage to wear one. Now, when I can find a
sexy one, I wear it with pride! EVERYONE should feel liberated in a bikini.


What is your go-to outfit?
A body suit or athleisure wear for sure. I like to be active so wearing gym clothes is my go to!


Out of all the things you have accomplished in your life this far, what are you most proud
I am most proud of my modeling career. Surprisingly, modeling doesn’t come easy to me. It is
something I have to work on constantly. My charity is actually less difficult for me because it’s
my passion.


Your next event is the Pinup Pool Party. Is this event open to everybody? If so, can you
describe the event for our readers who may want to attend?
This event is 18 and over. It’s a fundraiser hosted by a pinup enthusiast, Katie in Seal Beach, California. There will be snacks, drinks, dancing and lots of photos! It’s an opportunity to
network, get to know the EBDL community, raise money for a good cause and create new
friendships. Of course, there will be swimming too!
What are your hopes for the future? Are there any events that you would love to put
together some day or any projects that you want to take on?
I’d like to host my own convention! This is something I have dreamed of!

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