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We speak to the Talented Designer:

Could you tell us about yourself ? 
Artistree founder, Will Beilharz, is passionate about forests, trees, the environment, and helping people enjoy nature.  Growing up on their family ranch, Will was exposed early to ideas like sustainable living which infuses his work from the building materials selected and the construction process’ impact on the land, to the sustainability of the operations when the development is complete.
How do you begin the Design Process?
Listening.  We listen to the landowner about their vision for what is created including who they see using the space over the years and how they want the space to feel. And just as important we have to listen and learn from the land itself and the ecosystems already there to create something that is in harmony with the environment, not a box placed on top of it. We study wind patterns, waterways, existing flora and fauna to create treehouses that bring people into nature. It means as much as possible, we work around what is there we don’t bulldoze and then plant new plants when we are done.
What was the timeline for building the Nest Treehouse at Cypress Valley?
The Nest was built in about 9 months. We spent a lot of time during that project collecting things we could repurpose—milled much of our own wood from downed trees on that property, reclaimed and painted pallet wood for internal walls, and built the decks from wood off of other platforms no longer in use that were made of cypress. The Nest even has a ceiling lamp in the kids bedroom made from a bike wheel and mason jars for lights in the master bedroom. Upcycling and recycling can take a lot more time but it is an amazing feeling when people love the results and we know we kept things out of a landfill!
What are the biggest Challenges and Attractions of building the Nest Treehouse at  Cypress Valley?
A big challenge was re-imagining a use for the majestic and ancient cypress trees that had died in the 2011 wildfire in Spicewood. Cypress wood lasts “forever” (Pharoahs used in to build their sarcophogus I think) but the trees were no longer alive.  So rather than cut them down, we connected them by the massive metal arch you see above the treehouses and bolted the arch into the ground on each side of the ravine.  This keeps all the tree trunks stable and is the basis for us growing flowering vines over the arch which someday will provide a magical open air arbor for hummingbirds and butterflies. It also gives guests some amazing nooks and lookouts from which to explore and embody a Swiss Family adventure.
Do you have a Signature Style?
Every Artistree treehouse has been unique and able to provide guests a new experience in each one.  However, our new Spyglass and Compass treehouses were designed with the idea that they could be adapted to a variety of trees and landscapes. You can see both of them on our new treehouse booking platform The first Spyglass is at our new Fredericksburg location and the Compass in on the Sonoma Coast in California.
What Trends do you feel are important in Design and Architecture?
Pushing the envelop to be lighter andlighter on the land while still offering guests a very comfortable experience. This is not camping, or even glamping. Most of our units have bathrooms either en suite or across a bridge—some with Onsen style soaking tubs. Yet, it is luxury mainly finding ways to give people the luxury of disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with themselves, who they came with, and with nature.  That is a real vacation.
How can people reach you? 
to book an Artistree location visit  To explore having Artistree design and build you a treehouse landscape hotel visit
Do you work all over the USA? Where can we view some more of your Beautiful Designs?
You can see a sampling of our work from Hawaii, Texas, California, and Mexico at our site on Instagram
Our Experience was FIVE STARS
The Nest offers a rustic accommodation, decorated in simple manner with a private terrace with chairs to sit and enjoy the sunrise.  Staying here has you feeling like you are flying through Canopies of Jungles and climbing the tops of Hill Country with wonderful glimpses of star gazing.
The Design of the Nest at the Cypress Valley
is incredibly unique.
To arrive to the Nest you must cross over a suspension bridge that connects you to the Nest.
This is where we stayed 
Once you make it to the other side, to gain access you step down some steep stairs.
Insider tip:
Make sure your belongings are secured. You are close to 40 feet above ground level. Below you will find a creek. You do not want to lose your phone or car keys down in the brush.

The Nest offers a magnificent view of the surrounding Hill Country in Spicewood , a comfortable Dining Room and One private Bathroom. Linens and towels, pillows are included. 

Upon arrival, your check in is strictly no contact.
You will receive an email a few days before with the rundown of what to expect and what to pack.
About two days before your arrival, you receive a text with the details of another text coming the day of with the Gate Code and further Instructions.
30 Min before our arrival, we received a text with the Gate Code and code to the Nest and step by step directions of how to arrive to the Nest.
We were so excited, we did not know what to expect! 
The communication leading up was solely email and the texts. Looking back after our stay.
I would say it was extremely precise, and straightforward.
When we arrived, we did not see anyone. There is something special and magical when you feel you have discovered an Oasis! 
This Magical Treehouse was just the escape you need from the daily life distractions.
We immediately crossed the Bridge a few times back and forth, and then again. Gitty with excitement we walked around the Nest.
In the Beginning , we tried to figure out how to get inside the Treehouse itself to put our luggage inside.
We took this time to explore the Nest and climbed up the ladder to a vista viewing area.
We spotted Deer, jumping spiders and heard the sounds of Bats!

A few steps from the Nest  you will find a forest of oak trees, a  pool , and so much to discover and explore at this sustainable stay!


You are unplugged and taking a break from our over scheduled routines.


It is just a moment to reconnect with your family.

The bedroom with two twin beds is surrounded by Classic Books to get lost in and soak up a Read.


We enjoyed reading the Leather Bound Journals of Guests’ past experiences.

It was nice to learn the travels of Guests who come from close and afar.


You suddenly feel a connection with them.


I slept like a baby. The Pillows and bed is really comfortable. I laid down and picked up a book and completed the  book. 

I found that not having my phone of wi-fi was rather relaxing and not as time consuming. It is easy to get caught up on your phone 

Checking your social media accounts and catching up on emails. We enjoyed the slow pace of the day. We took a few walks around the property. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the rejuvenation of not having to leave the premises. 

Being able to sit on the giant bean bag and read and head outside to sit in the Nest while feeling the early sunshine on your face is savored by this busy mom!

Time moved slowly and we were fond of the tranquility the dark nights provided.
My favorite parts:
Tea like coffee
Separate space for Dining and Sleeping 

Bathroom  beautiful smelling body  soaps and shampoos

Lots of extra towels.

This is an incredible experience for a family to have. EPIC. It will be hard to top this stay!

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