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Vanessa Youshaei (5’0”) is the founder and CEO of Petite Ave, a styling service for women under 5’5’’. Petite Ave’s goal is to simplify the shopping experience for women under 5’5” and create an empowering community for a group of women who are underrepresented in the fashion industry.


What inspired you to create this company? What is your background?

I started Petite Ave after spending lots of time and money looking for stylish clothing that fit. I was also frustrated that women under 5’5’’ were under-represented in the media and wanted to find a way to change that. Prior to Petite Ave, I spent over 3 years at Google working in sales and marketing. In college, I majored in marketing and finance and spent my summers interning at Groupon, Coca-Cola and a local start-up.




How did you take that leap to move forward and make it happen?

I knew I wanted to start a business ever since I was in college, so I guess I had been mentally preparing for years. Ultimately, I decided to take the leap because it was the least riskiest time to do so. Without any big responsibilities like a family or mortgage, I knew it was a “now or never” moment for me. 


What do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes or working with your company?

I want them to feel confident. We all have insecurities and nobody is perfect, but clothing is one thing that can help you feel your best. Whether it’s giving a presentation, asking for a raise, or going on an important date, the perfect outfit can help you feel your best during those important moments. 


What is the mantra and mission for the company?

Our mission at Petite Ave is to empower petite women to feel and look their best by finding fashionable clothing that fits. We’re creating a future where women under 5’5’’ are celebrated no matter their shape or size.


How do you stay inspired? What fuels you?

Seeing our customers wearing our clothing inspires me. I never forget the time when Karla, a customer who is 4’8’’, sent an email with photos excited that everything we sent her fit straight out of the box. As you can imagine, that doesn’t happen very often for her. It totally made my day. I also get a lot of satisfaction  from building something from the ground up. I’m super involved with all parts of my business from buying to hiring to sales and marketing, and I absolutely love every part of it (ok, maybe not the accounting….). 


Instagram handle: petite.ave



Want to give Petite Ave a try? Use this link to get your $25 styling fee waived on your first shipment 











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