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What inspired you to write your book, Go Love Yourself?

I went through my own personal self-love journey which completely transformed my entire life. As I began to live a life filled with self-love (making choices that served me and having overall beautiful life experiences), it became blatantly obvious to me that more people needed self-love to live the best life they could possibly live. I have always been a writer, contributing to different online platforms and blogs, so it was a natural fit for me to write a book.

What did you learn after writing your book?

Creating any sort of project is a metaphorical birth. You spend all of this time getting the ideas out of your head and on to the page, then editing draft after draft. Then you figure out how to properly brand and market your physical product that was once just an idea. It’s a totally wild experience and I can’t wait to do it again with my next book! Overall, I learned to take everything step by step. The creative process takes time and sometimes it takes growing into a better version of yourself before your work is ready to be “birthed” into the world. Or at least that’s how my journey has been.



What is the mission and purpose you hope Go Love Yourself finds with others?

I truly hope that after people read the book, they then take action steps to begin cultivating a better life for themselves. There are so many self-help books out there but none of them mean nothing if you don’t implement what you learn from them. I designed Go Love Yourself as a combination of my story (so people can relate) and suggestions on how to implement practical tools to #liveyourbestlife. Along with the book, I also created an Affirmation Candle line, as I wanted to provide physical tools to cultivate self-love.

How do you become inspired?

While writing Go Love Yourself, my daily inspiration was a discipline rather than an inspiration. Some days, you just don’t want to do anything and there’s no inspiration in the world that will make you productive. However, I learned that on those days, it’s the discipline­—the patterns and practices we have—that provides the productivity. Overall, I find inspiration in music. Growing up in a dance company and performing choir, music has always played a huge role in my life. There’s a song for every mood, so I turn on a playlist for whatever I’m feeling and let those vibes guide me.



What does self-love mean?

The self is trending: self-love, self-care, selfie. We can’t get away from ourselves, so we might as well love ourselves. I define self-love as a righteous knowing of one’s identity. When you know yourself, you make the best choices for yourself. You make choices that serve you and that move you forward on your path, rather than move you back or keep you stagnate. Self-love is going to look different on everyone, as we’re all different people with different interests and ways of life. But one common factor that everyone who loves themselves has is that they continually make strong choices that make their lives the best they can be. And, they let their courage take the wheel, not their fears.


As the Self-Love Aficionado, Heather Reinhardt really loves herself. And, she wants you to really love yourself, too. She wholeheartedly believes that having self-love supports you during your struggles. She’s on a mission to make sure as many people as possible have the proper tools to cultivate self-love. With that in mind, she created her lifestyle brand and product line, Amour De Soi™, which includes Affirmation Candles and Self-Love Jewelry. Heather’s debut book, Go Love Yourself, was released Spring 2019. Heather has her fingers in many pies (both metaphorically and IRL–she loves pastries). She is an author, speaker, producer, entrepreneur, yogi, and Yerba Mate addict.

 Site – www.heather-reinhardt.com

Buy Go Love Yourself on Amazon – http://bit.ly/GLYbook

Instagram – @heathereinhardt & @affirmationcandle

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