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With close Proximity to Los Angeles, it is often a thought shared by Parents and interested Kids on how to pursue Show Business.

Many people aspire to be actors but rarely few succeed. According to the Queen Mary University of London, approximately 98% of people fail to become an actor, and 90% of actors have no work. Becoming a professional actor and earning a spot among Hollywood’s top brass is daunting. These tips from talent agencies can help you become that 2% success story.

We hope your Story is a successful one and positive experience. Here is a Blueprint that we have put together to help guide you and your talented children.


Tips from Talent Agencies and Talent Managers


What do people do to break into show business?

The most important thing I would say when breaking into show business is to research the entertainment industry thoroughly first. Get acclimated with the different casting offices, the production companies, and the showrunners who run the Projects and track deadlines.

Chris Giovanni, President @CGEM Talent


How can parents help their children break into the acting business?

To find a good coach or school, ask agents or local actors who they recommend.  There are many actors’ groups on Facebook that you can join and ask questions about.  Google local coaches and check them out.  Make sure they have been around a while.  Sometimes I see relatively new actors who don’t know anything trying to sell themselves as coaches. Try out a class and see if it’s a good fit.  A good coach can be strict or fun, or both.  The main thing to look for is someone who cares about you.

Cathryn Hartt, Owner of Hartt & Soul Studio


What do parents need to know?

If you’re a parent with a child actor, you should first have a conversation with your child

regarding whether this is something they want to do. Then, start them off

with short films and commercials, getting them to experience the entertainment world. Hiring a talent manager and a talent agent is the next step. 

Chris Giovanni, President @CGEM Talent


What are good signs for a talent manager/talent agency?

Talent managers/agents who are responsive, draft a long-term goal, and show undivided attention during the interview are all good signs. If you ask the right questions, you’ll feel when it’s right to sign a contract with a talent manager or talent agent.

Chris Giovanni, President @CGEM Talent


How do I find a talent agent/agency?

To find a legitimate agent, ask around local actors or Google them.  Make sure they are SAG-AFTRA affiliated.  Check out any scam reviews online. Run, don’t walk, from anyone claiming to make you a star. Most of the time, it is a scam. Stay away from big audition hypes that say they are bringing in many agents and casting directors to look at you. They may bring them in, but they aren’t going to scoop you up on the spot. These events cost lots of money and give you little time to shine.  Spend that money on lessons and headshots.  Anything at a mall or hotel is just there to take your money.  

Cathryn Hartt, Owner of Hartt & Soul Studio


How do I pick a talent agent?

It’s based on the interview process. You want a talent agent passionate about representing your child. Many agents and managers will take children to add to their roster. How is communication with that agent? Can you pick up the phone and call them freely? These are a few questions that need to be considered when choosing a talent agent.

Chris Giovanni, President @CGEM Talent


Any other tips, advice, and knowledge for parents?

Parents, please don’t live through your kids!  But if your kid loves this in their soul, go for it. You are a part of your child’s career, and they need you to get them to auditions, training, rehearsals, and filming.  Your child will learn so much through acting. It will build their confidence, help them ace any interview, build an excellent work ethic, give them purpose and teach them how to commit and work hard. I always make sure my clients have purpose and balance. This business can be fulfilling and fun, but it can also chew you up and spit you out. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.  And, remember, there’s never a dumb question, only someone too dumb to ask a question you need the answer to.

Cathryn Hartt, Owner of Hartt & Soul Studio


Tips from Acting Coaches

How can my child break into show business?

The short answer is luck; the longer answer is to be persistent. The show business does not hand out jobs easily, and aspiring actors must be persistent and lucky. Do not be afraid to be rejected, and always be prepared for an audition. Don’t get discouraged, as you will be turned down and asked to do pointless stuff.


Deloss Brown, Acting Coach


What is the blueprint to becoming a successful actor?

Make sure you have a professional headshot, and always be ready to audition. Take an excellent headshot, and take fundamental classes. Basic acting classes will benefit your child. Hiring a credible talent agency/agent is a must. Being prepared will help immensely and invite more opportunities for your child to break into the industry.

Alexandra Guarnieri, Managing Director @ Michelle Danner Acting Studio


What do parents need to know if their child wants to become an actor?

The parents should know that they are in for a lot of work. The child needs many lessons; acting, dancing, and singing are basic. The parent also needs to behave maturely, as the child reflects the parent’s behavior, which I know because I am a parent myself. In the end, parents are the most significant factor in developing their children, so supporting and providing a foundation for them is necessary.

Deloss Brown, Acting Coach


What are the critical factors in breaking into show business?

Train to learn your craft first. Actors make it look like it’s real people in accidental situations. It seems easy.  But it takes great skill to create and do over and over to make it seem like we trip over it.  Most actors study or have private coaches their whole careers.  If you want to be great, you always want to keep improving.

Cathryn Hartt, Owner of Hartt & Soul Studio


How do I pick an acting coach?

First, make sure they have the qualities of a good person. Make sure your coach is polite, kind, and intelligent. In addition to those qualities, you must ensure the coach is educated within their field and adapts to the current acting landscape. A good acting coach will prop you up to become successful. Take at least two lessons with them to see if you and the coach are compatible. Good coaches also often have a resume, reviews, and recommendations from friends or acquaintances.

Deloss Brown, Acting Coach


Any other tips, advice, and knowledge for parents?

Get your name out there, and take every opportunity available. Be persistent and hungry when chasing your dreams. Getting into acting classes or signing with a talent agent/manager is not a guarantee of breaking into show business. You must put in the work first and reap the rewards afterward.

Alexandra Guarnieri, Managing Director @ Michelle Danner Acting Studio

Tips from Photographers

What is the blueprint to becoming a successful photographer?

Being flexible and versatile will get you in a lot of places. Learning to capture different photographs in different styles and not stick to one style will help broaden your skill set and resume. Learn other techniques, and become uncomfortable using them as a learning experience, which might help you down the road in your career.

Eloy Rodriguez, Photographer


How do I start my career as a photographer if I have no background?

Learn the essential technical skills of photography and the fundamentals of lighting and

composition. Being persistent and consistent is necessary as you develop a unique style. Build a portfolio within the market you are interested in and find people who do what you want to do, who can mentor you, or whom you can assist. When you’re passionate about something and keep doing it over and over, it usually has a ripple effect, and more doors will open.

Amina Touray, Photographer


What would a parent need to know if their child is an aspiring photographer?

Buy your kid any camera, even a cheap one. It will allow them to become acclimated to taking pictures and learn how to work with different types of equipment. 

Eloy Rodriguez, Photographer


What is a realistic number for a starting photographer?

Camera equipment is expensive. It’s hard to give a number because it depends on how

much you are willing to invest. If you’re starting, you can get used or new cameras, lenses, and accessories ranging from around $1000 to $ 1500. I would start with the more professional gear once I knew what I was doing. It’s better to practice until you feel like you’ve outgrown your equipment.

Amina Touray, Photographer


Any other tips and helpful advice you would like to share with an aspiring photographer?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shots and lenses. Being versatile is essential and a critical factor in becoming a successful photographer. Also, go out and shoot every day. Pick a different subject each day, and try to experiment. Get creative with it, have fun, and develop your style.

Eloy Rodriguez, Photographer


Keep shooting, allow yourself to grow, and have patience.

Amina Touray, Photographer



Heather Mohrman: Momager
Henley Alexa:  Age 10 Actress

What has been your experience as a Parent in this Industry?
There’s a huge network of like minded parents, so it’s been helpful getting tips and pointers from more seasoned parents. Overall it’s been fun and interesting.

What role do you take as Parent in your Child’s career 
I would call myself her manager. She has an agent and a PR agent, but I usually oversee the day to day, scheduling, and making sure everything is age appropriate.

Please share some crucial tips for parents who want to have their children break into the Industry?
I would say just to take the leap. It’s a lot of fun and there’s a lot of opportunities out there. Find an agent and start on social media. The more exposure, the more rewards.


            Daughter/ Actress:
             Henley Alexa: 

Can you share your favorite examples of your work?
I really liked learning how to twirl a baton for a job I had. I had to take lessons for about a month. Also I really like getting invited to red carpet events.

 What are the challenges when it comes to Auditions?
 There’s a lot of competition out there, so calming my nerves and finding my voice is a challenge of mine.

What advice can you share with those who want to pursue an Acting Career?
To keep working hard and practicing to get better. Join an acting class or theatre production. Everyday there’s a chance to get better.


Additional Resources

Now that you know how to break into show business properly, here are some resources to help you start your acting career.



Join The Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA)


Talent Agencies:

 CGEM Talent. They provide the “TLC” guidance that most management companies are missing, give feedback from casting offices and work with actors on how to improve for the next audition, create projects from the ground up, and strive to create a meaningful connection with actors.


Acting Classes for Beginners:


February 5th, 2023 – Sunday from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm for $100 at Michelle Danner Acting Studio. 10820 W Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232.


Hartt and Soul In-Person Classes and Online Classes.


Useful Websites for Photographers:




Reading Suggestion:

Parent’s Guide: Breaking Your Kids Into Show Business: Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager


Parent’s Guide

Written By:

Wendy Alane Wright (Author)


Get involved:



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