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It’s unavoidable. No matter how careful you are, it’s going to happen – your makeup will make its way onto your bedsheets. And when it does, you will probably freak out — but you don’t have to! Makeup on your bedsheets or pillowcase isn’t quite the disaster you think. The good news is that it is easy to fix. We get this question quite a bit at PeachSkinSheets (we have already covered the topic of body oils and tough stains here), and we have searched high and low for the best solution. We did the research so you don’t have to!

We found simple, effective instructions from Merry Maids for getting makeup out of your sheets! Read on to get started.

What To Do Before Removing Makeup from Your Bed Sheets or Pillowcase

While the following tips should work on most sheets for most brands of makeup, no cleaning method is 100 percent effective. It is always a good idea to check out the company’s website to get the recommended general care and cleaning tips from the makers of your bed linens.

In addition, since brands of bed linens and cleaning products differ, never try cleaning your bed sheets without first spot testing to ensure they don’t bleach or discolor the fabric. Of course, you should find an area of the bed sheets that isn’t too obvious for testing. A good spot is at one of the corners you slip underneath the mattress when making the bed.

How To Get Rid of Mascara Stains From Your Pillowcases

Late nights can be fun, but they often end with you falling asleep without removing your mascara, leading to bleary eyes and streaks of eye makeup on your pillowcase. Even the top-end “smudge-free” mascara will rub off onto your pillow overnight. But here is how you get rid of it!

To eliminate mascara stains on sheets:

Remove as much of the caked-on mascara as possible using a plastic spoon or knife. Disposable cutlery is thinner and better at getting under the clumps than regular silverware. In a pinch, you can try using the edge of a credit card.

Mix a few drops of hand dishwashing detergent, like Dawn, with two cups of warm water. Use a microfiber cloth and gently dab the stain. Don’t rub; press firmly. Try laying another clean microfiber cloth on a hard surface and press the stained pillowcase between both cloths for better results.

Once the stain is gone, rinse the spot under running water to remove any extra soap. Then wash the pillowcase as you usually do, but hang it to dry. If there is any residue left, the heat from the dryer can set the stain.

Thanks to Merry Maids and Bustle for these tips.

Say Goodbye to Smeared Lipstick on Your Pillow

That perfect shade of lipstick may be hard to find, but it can be even more challenging to get it off your bed sheets. Lipstick can leave behind an oily mess if you’re not careful, but don’t throw out that otherwise perfectly good pillowcase just yet without trying this clever cleaning method.

To get lipstick smudges off your bedding:

  1. Use a plastic knife or spoon or another thin, rigid piece of plastic to lift off as much of the lipstick as possible. Work slowly from the edges of the stain to prevent spreading the lipstick smudge or pushing it further into the fabric’s fibers.
  2. Place a clean microfiber cloth on a sturdy work surface.
  3. Turn the stained pillowcase inside-out or flip the sheets to the opposite side of the stain and lay it on the microfiber cloth. Since lipstick is so gloppy, it is best to remove it from the other side of the fabric.
  4. Soak a few cotton balls, or better yet, thick cotton pads, in rubbing alcohol. Squeeze them out gently and press them onto the backside of the lipstick stain. Repeat with new pads until most of the stain is gone. Replace the towel on the bottom if it gets soggy.
  5. Rinse the spot where the stain was in the sink and then launder as usual. Air dry.

Thanks to Maggy Maids for some supplementary tips here.

Forget About Those Pesky Foundation Stains on Your Bed Linens

You may be thankful that foundation can hide minor skin imperfections, but it can cause a major headache when it gets on your bedding! If you have ever woken to a giant splotch of foundation on your favorite pillowcase, you know it is not the way you want to start your morning. But don’t let foundation stains give you nightmares. You can get rid of them before breakfast with the proper cleaning process.

To remove foundation from your bedding:

  1. Lightly scrape off as much of the dried-up clumps of foundation as you can using your fingernail or a stiff brush. There is no need to get everything off, but do the best you can without damaging the pillowcase.
  2. Spray a dollop of shaving cream, not shaving gel, on the remaining stain and give it some time to soak into the fabric. After about five minutes, use the tips of your fingers to massage the shaving cream into the fibers. Use circular motions and press firmly. Working on a table or other hard surface with a microfiber cloth under the pillowcase helps.
  3. If the foundation doesn’t start to break up, try sprinkling a few drops of rubbing alcohol or witch hazel on top of the shaving cream and continue to rub it into the stain.
  4. Rinse the pillowcase in the sink and wash normally. Hang the bedding to dry to keep any remaining discoloration from becoming permanent.

Always Sleep on the Best Sheets

Cleaning your bed sheets does much more than just make your bed look better. It also helps keep you feeling healthier and sleeping better. Most experts suggest changing your sheets once a week or twice a month at the least. So, it is always a good idea to have a few extra sets of sheets in the closet if you don’t feel like washing them every week.

You spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not treat yourself to the highest quality sheets? PeachSkinSheets SMART Fabric is the ideal material for sleepers who prefer a cool, restful night’s sleep. The unique durability of our fabric makes it even easier to remove stains!


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