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What are some key points and factors that Parents must know before their kids decide to go onto Social Media to help their kids’ experience a safe environment?


  1. Parents you are years behind your teen’s knowledge and skill level of social media and gaming apps.
  2. Know what apps are on your teen’s phone/devices.
  3. Check your teen’s texts, photos, videos, etc.
  4. Consider a ‘Use Contract’ outlining rules and consequences.
  5. Parents need to “friend” or “follow” your teen.
  6. Don’t be afraid to take your teen’s device away.
  7. Be aware that teens often have multiple accounts on social media- the G rated one they will show family and the R rated one they use with their friends.

What important items are Parents to consider when discussing social media with your kids?

Their child’s: maturity, proven decision making skills, mental health,  ability to deal with conflict in a mature fashion, ability to handle social stressors, ability to be upfront and honest when they’ve made a mistake, skill set when it comes to self-control.

As a Parent each should know this one thing –

Parents you have the RIGHT to control EVERY ASPECT of your teen’s online activity, teens have ZERO privacy right’s until they are 18 years old. What their teen does online follows them into their future scholarship, college, career and adult life opportunities. Ensure they are using the tool for positive not negative or questionable activities, so it does not remove their future life goals.


As a Tween or Teen I need to be advised of:

Meeting people online through an social media or gaming app is still meeting a stranger- it is NO DIFFERENT than meeting that person in the street. Use your street smarts that you learned at a young age and apply it to your online world to avoid being bullied, targeted or being involved in crimes or drugs.


Interview Source:

Sgt. Tim Petropulos

IPD DARE Officer Mat Aragon


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