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Meet Kelsey Ulmer of Captured Forever Photography: One of Orange County’s Best
Photographers for Families, Maternity, and Newborns

Meet Kelsey Ulmer, the creative mind and photographer behind Captured Forever Photography.
She is celebrated as one of the best photographers in Orange County, specializing in family,
maternity, and newborn photography. Kelsey has built a reputation for her genuine connections
with clients and her ability to capture the authentic stories of the families she works with.
Kelsey’s journey into photography began as a simple side hustle during a challenging time in
her life. As she and her husband navigated the emotional rollercoaster of infertility and IVF,
Kelsey found refuge and a sense of purpose behind the lens. What started as a simple hobby to
fill her time and channel her creativity quickly blossomed into a thriving business that fills her
with so much joy.


She is now a mom to a lively toddler and is expecting another kiddo at the end of the year.
Kelsey deeply understands the joys and challenges of parenthood and it is her personal
experiences that fuel her passion for connecting with new parents, sharing in their journeys, and
providing a supportive hand when needed. This authentic relatability shines through in her work,
creating a warm and comforting atmosphere for her clients.


Kelsey’s photography style is a unique mix of gentle posing direction and candid, fun moments,
that result in photos that evoke deep emotions and cherished memories. Each session with
Captured Forever Photography is about more than just taking pretty photos; it’s about telling
stories, embracing vulnerabilities, and celebrating the profound journey of motherhood.
When she’s not behind the camera, Kelsey loves to immerse herself in the great outdoors,
hiking with her son and exploring new places. She’s also an avid coffee enthusiast, a sci-fi
junkie, and loves a good trivia night.


How would you describe your signature style as a family photographer?

A: My signature style as a family photographer is the perfect blend of gentle posing and
candid interactions. I focus on keeping things fun and real, allowing genuine moments
to unfold naturally. This approach helps families feel relaxed and enjoy the experience,
resulting in authentic and heartfelt photos. My editing style is warm and true to life,
enhancing the natural beauty of each moment while preserving the essence of the
people and emotions captured in each shot. I want the images to feel like real
memories, ones they can look back on for a lifetime and be instantly transported back to
that special time in their lives.

Will you help Parents’ figure out outfits for family photos?

A: Yes, absolutely! I understand firsthand how overwhelming it can be to pick outfits for
the whole family. That’s why all my clients get access to a virtual style assistant, which
helps in selecting and purchasing outfits that will look great in photos. Additionally, I
provide plenty of resources and guides to help you choose outfits that are not only
photo-friendly but also an accurate reflection of your family’s unique style and

Can you describe your approach to directing and posing/ photographing candid
moments as a family photographer?

A: My approach to directing and posing is all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable
atmosphere. I know how awkward it can feel to get in front of the camera, so I use
gentle guidance to set up natural interactions, allowing your family’s genuine
connections to shine through. For posed shots, I offer simple directions to ensure
everyone looks their best while still feeling comfortable. I also focus on capturing those
candid moments—the little laughs, playful exchanges, and tender interactions—that
truly reflect your family’s unique dynamic. This way, we get a wonderful mix of natural,
real photos and those perfect “holiday card” shots that require a bit more direction. The
result is a collection of images that are beautifully composed and authentically heartfelt.
How do you decide on a location for family portraits?
A: I work closely with my clients to get a clear understanding of the kind of setting they
want for their family portraits. We discuss any special requirements they might have, such as needing easy access or convenient parking, as well as the overall vibe they’re going for. To help with the decision, I provide comprehensive guides that showcase all of my favorite locations, highlighting the unique features and benefits of each spot. This
collaborative approach ensures that we find the perfect location that matches their
vision and needs, resulting in beautiful and meaningful family portraits.

What is the timeline for Post-Processing and Delivery?

A: The standard turnaround time for post-processing and delivery is 2-3 weeks. Your
photos will be delivered via an online gallery, where you can easily view and download
your digital images. This ensures you have quick and convenient access to your
beautiful family portraits.

Will you help create artwork for Home and Gifts with images?

A: Yes! Your online gallery directly links to my online store, which offers a variety of
high-quality print products ranging from wall canvases to custom cards and albums. I
always use a professional printing lab, ensuring that the quality and coloring of your
print products are top-notch. This makes it easy to create beautiful artwork for your
home and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

What are helpful tips you can share with Families to prepare for a photoshoot with you?

A: Here are some helpful tips to ensure a successful photoshoot:
1. Choose the Right Location: Consider factors like the best time of day at the
location versus nap or sleep schedules , and any elements that might be hard or
distracting for kids. Opt for a location that aligns with your family’s comfort and
style, ensuring everyone feels at ease and can enjoy the experience.

2. Keep Props Simple and Subtle: When bringing props, keep them small and
subtle. They should add sentimentality without being distracting. Think of simple
accents that reflect your family’s personality and enhance the overall theme of
the shoot without overwhelming the scene.
3. Be Prepared Before the Shoot: Make sure kids are fed, clothes are planned and
packed the night before, and create a list of items you will need for the
photoshoot. Arriving early ensures you aren’t rushed or stressed, allowing for a
more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

4. Be Flexible: Keep an open mind and be flexible during the shoot. Sometimes the
best moments happen when least expected, so embrace spontaneity and go with
the flow.

5. Relax and Have Fun: Most importantly, relax and have fun! Trust in my guidance
and enjoy this special time with your loved ones. The more relaxed and natural
you feel, the more authentic and beautiful your photos will be.


What are some must haves for Parents with newborns and toddlers?

Here are some must-haves for parents with newborns and toddlers for a photoshoot:
1. Extra Outfits: Pack a few extra outfits for your little one in case of spills or
accidents during the photoshoot.
2. Snacks and Drinks: Keep your child comfortable and happy with snacks and
drinks to ward off hunger and thirst during the session. Make sure to only bring
snacks that will be mess and stain free though! Save special rewards for the end
of the photoshoot.
3. Favorite Toys or Comfort Items: Bring along your child’s favorite toys or comfort
items to help them feel at ease and entertained during breaks in the shoot.
4. Diaper Bag Essentials: Ensure your diaper bag is stocked with diapers, wipes,
diaper rash cream, and a changing pad for quick diaper changes on the go.
5. Blanket or Swaddle: A soft blanket or swaddle can be used as a cozy backdrop
or for wrapping your newborn during the photoshoot.
6. Patience and Flexibility: Parenthood can be unpredictable, so bring plenty of
patience and be flexible with your expectations during the shoot. Embrace the
candid moments and go with the flow.
7. Positive Attitude: Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the experience of capturing
precious memories with your little one. Your enthusiasm and joy will shine
through in the photos.



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