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Have you ever invested in yourself? 

Like really, truly…not just a facemask from the drug store, but full on take a plunge into being empowered?

As a parent is it too selfish to follow your heart? 

Are there already so many super heros and stars out there taking up space that you could never have that kind of life? 

They just want attention – is that how you justify it?

What if you do have an inkling, a nudge, a giggle or freshness inside that you know is your genius? 

Something that shines so brightly, a natural gift that needs some polishing or a tempting passion that appears just out of reach, where does that go when you clock in and out of work?

Does leaving your job at the end of the day feel like clocking in and out of life?

What’s going to change if everything stays the same?

Answer, not much.

What’s going to ignite the change you need in yourself to crash through that icy glass ceiling and bring about huge change followed by amazing focus in your career path. Well, if you let life keep treading all over you, you won’t get very far alone.

That’s where I sweep in and say a great phrase – mindset career coaching.

Does this sound way too good to be true? 


Not gonna lie. I wasn’t sure of anything when I started looking at coaching. I knew I was meant for something bigger, I knew I wanted to help people more than I was and I knew after 16 years of therapy and 5 years in graphic design and various other career choices that something had to give. 

So I started a search. 

I learned about masterminds and business coaches that worked with artists and designers. I learned about different coaches and their styles. I even worked with coaches as a graphic designer. But a huge shift happened when I entered a coaching program and set off in my career path to coach people to plunging full swing into their futures. 

I had found my calling I am a diamond polisher.

I take a person with potential who knows they aren’t living their dream – and you deserve to live your dream and get that face mask at a spa – I take them in with guidance, fierce digging, breakthroughs, exploring triggers, and demolishing patterns they become super heros. And it feels like getting dressed up like David Bowie and owning the world.


2020 is fast approaching. 

What are some things that you need clarity on?

Time and Money are popular themes so here are a few ideas.

If it’s time start by getting a calendar, even google calendar works and schedule out every single thing you do in your day.This helps you stay on task and focused in your intent. Schedule in your self care, then you’re sure it happens. Schedule in your nap, cause you are going to need extra rest sometimes. It all goes on the schedule.

If it’s money, write down everything you spend money on for the week, be it $1 coffees or $6 lattes. It all gets written down and added up at the end of each day. This is so you can see where it all goes. Be diligent and at the end of the week evaluate where it’s all going.

These are beginning steps you can take on your journey to unstoppable. If you want to excell reach out and ask! Ask for the assistance you deserve. You are surrounded by people who can offer you help. And if you need to reach further there are a host of life coaches, therapists and accountability groups out there.


Sarah Magida

Firefly Life Coaching

Facebook: Firefly Life Coaching

Instagram: firefly_coach

Website: not launched yet, might be launched by Friday!!

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