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Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction is an issue that affects many pregnant women. Most research articles report 20-30% of women but when characterized as pelvic girdle pain, it was reported to affect as many as 80% of women (Robinson et al 2010; Ceprnja et al 2017).

Pelvic girdle pain itself could range from anything including pelvic floor dysfunction/ pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction (PSD) or even SI joint pain as all these issues occur at some point on the pelvis. PSD however is mainly categorized by pain which can be extremely intense at the front of the pelvis and more specifically on the pubic bone. There may also be pain at the genitals and even the groin/ adductor muscles including spasms.

Individuals report variations in intensity but the location is relatively always the same- in and around the pubic bone and the immediate vicinity.  Pain may be noted in walking, attempting to climb stairs or step up a curb, standing on one leg or even turning in bed.

While it may be a nuisance and in some cases debilitating (leaving women to use a walker or even a wheelchair to get around due to the intense discomfort) it can be addressed. The sooner, the better!  Rest, stability and strengthening exercises as well as support belts have been shown to be helpful.

It should be noted that women may also continue to have this pain even after delivery. If this is the case, similar to pregnancy,  a referral to a pelvic floor PT is highly recommended.

If you are a mom who is having difficulty with PSD, we have designed something especially for you:
Managing Your Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction During Pregnancy
This is a comprehensive program for moms to be to address PSD. Being debilitated during pregnancy is the last thing any mom wants especially if there are other little ones at home that she has to tend to.

If you are a birth professional. A midwife, an OBGYN, a doula, a lactation consultant, a chiropractor and your clients are complaining about this issue, PLEASE don’t let them continue to suffer. Pass this information along so that they can begin to alleviate this issue- especially for those who may not be within close proximity to a pelvic floor therapist.

You also have the option to sign up for an online consultation as well but for those in the Atlanta metro area, you have the option to come to our Duluth office or schedule a home visit if you reside within Gwinnett County.  Register for the program and receive 15% off any office or in home consultation (contact us post registration to get your discount).

Managing Your Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction During Pregnancy

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at: [email protected].

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