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Please meet The Real OC Dentist, Dr. Guitta Harb of Guitta Harb General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Aliso Viejo. This stylist Mama of two is not only rocking the latest fashion trends, she is also performing smile makeovers and full mouth transformations daily. From the early age of 15 she knew she wanted to be a dentist. Now she has her own practice in Orange County and can even be seen on the recent season of the Real Housewives of Orange County helping young kids enjoy their first dental visit. Find out where she manages to squeeze in self-care during her busy days, what her favorite Lebanese dish is to cook and where this Mama loves to shop in Orange County.


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Can you please share a bit about your family and why you choose to raise them in Orange County?

I am a mother of two kids: Kayla (12) and Kooper (11). My husband, Dr. Marc Pana, and I decided to raise our family in Orange County because we love the laid back atmosphere, the beautiful beaches, and all the family activities that this area provides. Of course we love the beautiful weather too!


When did you know that you wanted to be a dentist?

I was drawn to medicine at a very young age and I always loved helping people feel better about themselves. When I was 15, I observed at a friend’s dental office and I fell in love with dentistry. And it was at the age of 15 when I started my pre-med studies in college with the intent to become a dentist.


What type of dentistry to you practice?

I practice cosmetic, implants and family dentistry. We also provide orthodontics in-house. My passion is doing smile makeovers and full mouth transformations. I believe your smile is everything; it says a lot about you. I love having the ability to change someone’s life by changing their smile. My biggest reward is when I meet a patient that tells me they don’t ever feel comfortable smiling, and after I work on them and I hand them a mirror, their big smile lights up the room. The confidence and the happiness on their face is truly priceless.


Dr. Guitta Harb


How has motherhood impacted your work?

Being a mom has made me more compassionate towards my patients. It has taught me to be more understanding and have more patience with both my adult and pediatric patients. I feel that I can better understand the parent’s concerns and I am able to handle certain situations in a more empathetic way.


How do you practice self-care as a working Mother of two children?

It took me a long time to learn how to practice self-care and I admit that I learned its importance the hard way. Now, I make sure I wake up early every day to work out. It’s my alone time when I can focus on my own thoughts. This helps me deflate. It also uplifts my mood and sets the tone for my day. Additionally, I try to get massages on a regular basis, which helps me relax.


Dr. Guitta Harb


What is your favorite meal to make, that the whole family loves (you can certainly include the recipe and a picture)?

I love to prepare meals. Cooking is an art to me. My favorite things to cook are Lebanese dishes that I have learned from my mother. Some of my family’s favorite dishes are kibbeh and lentil soup(see image below for recipe), which, not surprisingly, my staff at work absolutely love.  It’s super nutritious and very easy to prepare.


soup recipes


What is your favorite thing to do or place to go with your family in Orange County?

My favorite place to go in OC is Monarch Beach Resort. It’s our go-to destination. We love the beach, the restaurants, and the facilities. It’s also a perfect spot to get lost in a dreamy sunset. Lido Village is another favorite destination. We love strolling around, shopping, taking a boat ride, or simply enjoying a sumptuous meal.


Do you have any favorite styling tips/go-to looks?

My go-to look is elegant, young, effortless, and edgy. My styling tip is to always wear outfits that exude confidence, that make you feel good, and that bring out the best version of you. That’s crucial to me. If I don’t feel confident in an outfit then I won’t wear it, no matter how trendy it is.


Can you please share your favorite places to shop in Orange County for:

I love fashion and I love dressing up. Looking good makes me feel good about myself.

  • A Mom’s Night out: My go-to shop for a mom’s night out is Luna B. This boutique carries the cutest little dresses and outfits.
  • For resort wear and date nights: I shop at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island or Elyse Walker in Lido Village.


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How can local families find you and your state-of-the-art dental practice?

My practice is located in the Town Center Plaza in Aliso Viejo.
You can reach us at: 949-360-0225 and find us online at:

You can also find us on various social media platforms, including Instagram: @therealocdentist, and Facebook: @Therealocdentist.

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