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Would you tell us about your Background? 
My name is Zahraa Berro. I was born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. My family immigrated from Beirut, Lebanon in the 1980s and our families have been here since! Im a mom of 2 amazing children, Hassan ( 8 ) and Batoul (5)
What motivated you to begin and develop your Shop and Designs?
I saw a gap in modest fashion/hijab trends for Muslim women worldwide. Therefore, I began selling pieces made to solve their problems. Currently, I have designs in production and will be launching in Fall 2020.
What does a typical day look like for you? 
I’m a mom of 2 so my hands are pretty full! Throughout the day, I’m mostly working from home and attending to the kids activities. Since it is summer, the kids are mostly playing outdoors so I have more free time to focus on the business and brand collaborations since homework is out of sight!
What are your Favorite Spots to Eat in Irvine?
I really love to eat at Hen House. They have the most delicious rotisserie chicken and it reminds me of eating back home in the restaurants lining the Meditteranean Sea.
What was important to you when you developed your Business?
The most important thing was helping Muslim women feel empowered when they wore their hijab. It is crucial that they have a big relief wearing my hijab neck cover design. Moving forward in my business, I will be creating modest clothing desings that not only cater to Muslim women, but women who love to dress modest and conservatively.
What advice do you have for Moms who have an idea and want to take a leap to create their Business concept and bring it to life?  
My advice is to just start! There is no such thing as the “right time.” Rather just start and let time take its course. Businesses take time and if you’re really passionate about it, you will make it.
How do you manage Creating a Brand and Time Management with a family?  
I treat my weekdays as a 9-5 job and work best to have weekends off and take the kids out to the beach or participate in fun activities. This can change depending on workload, but I haven’t reached that point yet.
As a Mom how do you find your Balance between working and sharing quality time with your kids?
It’s really just a matter of being there for the family at any given time. I work throughout the day with kids around me most of the time. Finding a perfect balance is impossible! A mother knows her gut feelings about when she’s giving one side more attention over the other and can adjust accordingly. Sometimes life gets tough, but with patience and an organized schedule you can make it work.
What is the best memory you have about being a new mom that you wish you had specific advice on ?
It’s okay to have fun without the kids! For the past 8 years as a mother, I gave the kids all my time and attention. I actually would feel guilty if I headed out someplace without them. They have been with me everyday since they were born, so i would recommend that you have weekly nights out alone, with your partner or friends. Its important to recharge yourself so you don’t constantly feel drained.
Do you plan Date nights or are you Spontaneous?
I’m a very spontaneous person! Sometimes if there is a weekend where I can escape for a night or two, I’ll seize it right away.
What is on your playlist?
I love Hip-Hop Music and of course Arabic Music is my favorite.
What was the last time you called someone and had a phone conversation?
All Day! I speak to my entire family via facetime daily.
What is your take away you hope Women feel when shopping on your site?
To Feel EMPOWERED! My brand will incorporate trending styles, fabrics and designs in a more conservative fashion.
Zahraa Berro
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