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How can you help Parents on how to establish ground rules and boundaries when their Tweens and Teens have their first phone? What are the Etiquette Rules.

Basic telephone etiquette:

Communicate with your teen you expectations and reinforce responsible technology use. Discuss your family rules on games, social media use and texting. It’s also important to model the behavior you expect from your teen. “Don’t text and drive” starts with you. Let them know it’s important to use their cell phone courteously, not texting at the table, with friends or at a movie theatre.

Don’t take pictures with the camera feature and post without permission of the other person. Basically, you remind your teen to treat each other like you would expect to be treated. As a parent, be aware that your teen may not be able to respond immediately to you when you call or text. If they are in class, at a movie or at a table eating, they may not have their phone available or will get in trouble by the teacher if they answer or respond.


When you have Guests over for Dinner, what is the rule of thumb [for Parents and Teens alike] for Phones and checking social media?

The rule of thumb is there is no technology use at the table. Period. It’s rude. The cell phone should not be visible at all – it’s not an eating utensil.

As we raise young children, what are some things we can do as Parents to help prepare our Children?

Is it ok to call other Peers’ Parents by their First Name?

There is no set in stone answer to this question. It’s a conversation between different families and what their comfort level entails. Some friends are more like family and others are more formal. Each situation is different and it’s important to discuss expectations with your teens. Always start out using an honorific when meeting an adult, and if they say, “Please call me Susan” teach your teen how to respond. Thank you so much, my family prefers I use an honorific or Thank you so much, Susan.

Can you touch on Etiquette rules for 2022 as the world seems to change and evolve?

Stand up for all greetings.

Smile – show your enthusiasm through your eyes.

Say  your name clearly, first and last.

Shake hands – yes, most people will feel uncomfortable if you refuse a handshake unless you have a medical reason.

Ask thoughtful questions.

Use an honorific when speaking to adults unless they request otherwise, and then only if it’s okay with the parents.

Use technology responsibly. Make sure you post only thoughtful pictures and posts on your social media accounts.

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