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Meet Dominika Matyokova, RN (BSN), the heart and soul behind Dovalia Aesthetics, where beauty meets expertise. With over a decade of experience and the endearing nickname “Angel Hands,” Dominika is your guide to achieving a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated version of yourself. Her treatment philosophy is a masterpiece of subtle enhancements that bring out the best in you, ensuring you radiate confidence and beauty effortlessly.


What sets Dovalia Aesthetics apart is Dominika’s expertise in the most sought-after treatments: Natural Botox, All things Lips, and Cheek Contouring. Known for her passion and attention to detail, Dominika is committed to making every client feel like the very best version of themselves. At Dovalia Aesthetics, we offer a curated selection of aesthetic treatments, from the smoothing wonders of Botox to the volume-restoring magic of fillers.


Uncover the transformative power of Sculptra, a collagen stimulator that breathes life into your skin, or indulge in the rejuvenating embrace of Micro-needling PRP/PRF. Let our skilled nurse Dominika be your partner in the journey to rediscover and enhance your natural beauty. Dovalia Aesthetics invites you to explore the endless possibilities of youthful radiance. Book your appointment now, and let us embark on this beautiful journey together!


Discover the possibilities at Dovalia Aesthetics today!

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