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What inspired you to take a leap into Entrepreneurship?
One thing that I have learned through this pandemic is to really work on things that you are passionate about and to not hold back because you don’t know what the future holds. During this pandemic I had a “wedding”, I launched two businesses and continue to work on my Blog, because these three things make me happy and make me feel complete. The push really came when I was home in quarantine, because I had been furloughed and I was taking time to reflect on what my goals were going to be, but more importantly how they would make me feel. I thought if I didn’t just take the leap I would be stuck in the same spot, if it failed then I didn’t lose much (other than time, which I clearly had loads of) but if I succeed then I could change my life forever.
Could you share how you started your Subcription box Company?
I started That Box Life after I was forced to cancel  my wedding in July, due to Covid-19. I still really wanted to share with my family & friends my wedding, but I still wanted to make sure everyone was safe. The task to think outside the box was in my hands and that when it came to me, to put everything in a box. I thought outside of the box to put all the fun things from my wedding inside a box that was shipped to all our family & friends. As quarantine continued friends & family members kept asking me to create boxes for occasions like graduations, gender reveals, birthdays and I thought this is it!!! Not only do I create boxes for special occasions, but also monthly so we can continue to be safe (due to COVID), but also find a way to connect with each other. 
What makes your Subscription box different than others?
 The thing that sets That Box Life apart is that we offer a way to connect with your family near and far, during each holiday throughout the year. Each box can be customized to make sure that the recipient feels that it was curated just for them, because it was!! No matter the occasion I can create a box that suits all your needs. 
Have their been any challenges starting a Business during the Pandemic?
Starting a business has many challenges whether there is a pandemic or not, but That Box Life has thrived. The main reason I believe that we are thriving is because as much as people want to be safe , they want to be able to celebrate and connect with one another. That Box Life helps you connect with your loved ones and be safe while you celebrate your favorite holidays. 
What has been the best part of this experience for you?
 I love the creation of every box, I really take each holiday and think about it full circle. I think about all the memories one could attach to the holiday and I make it into a beautifully curated box that can fit into every holiday or special occasion. 
Are you looking forward to any new projects with the subscription box?
I am definitely looking forward to St.Patrick’s Day Box and Mother’s Day box, because those two are inspired by some spectacular women in my family. I am also super excited to be creating super amazing Sweet 16 boxes for a special young lady. Please follow all things about That Box Life @ve_lockhart or contact me at [email protected] to create a custom box for your next special occasion. 

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