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How did you come up with your product or business?

We, Rashmi and Zalak are the owners of The Pinwheelers brand. We are two very close friends, who now live on different coasts in the USA. When we both became moms and our infants then, toddlers now started their food journey, we realized we both were facing very similar issues and so were many other parents whom we knew; Common issues like leaking foods in the diaper bag, disliking plastic touching our baby’s food, too large containers – leading to food wastage, odor, and colors not coming off the containers, moreover not having something unique, smart, safe, and yet fun that would help our kids look forward to the meals.


We both grew up in India, and our childhoods were plastic-free. So we knew the answer – which was Stainless Steel!


Using the problems we were facing as the challenges to be solved combined with the knowledge that was passed down to us over generations, we decided to dive in and create our own products. That’s how The Pinwheelers was born.


All products at The Pinwheelers have their own unique ecological niche. With every single purchase, you help take that one step towards a simpler, greener, and healthier future. All our products are not only chemical-free but easy to clean. lightweight, dishwasher safe, safe to cook, odor-free, and come with 100% leakproof super cute vibrant silicone lids.




What does your product or business offer people, parents, and/or families?

Unique stress free sustainable lunch boxes catered all the way from infants to preschoolers and adults. We believe in inculcating in kids from a young age that being sustainable is the natural way of life and we bring that to families with a lot of care and diligence.


We only create things we love for the people we love the most. And hence the quality is unquestionably high. Every product that we have created is very well thought of and versatile, so that every family member can use them in their own unique way.


What we offer through our products is:

  1. A learning experience – We researched a lot when it came to the color of our lids that would help kids understand foods better and help them have a great relationship with food as they grow


  1. Unique designs which everyone loves – Our Safari Theme, Ocean theme – are something that not only kids but adults enjoy too. We offer products similar to what is in the market but with our designs add a unique touch to make it special. Mealtimes should always be special and so should the containers holding the food


  1. A chance to make life simple – We believe Reusable containers are so much more manageable than one thinks. Our products don’t stain, don’t leave a bad odor and will last you a lifetime if cared for well enough.


  1. Quality – We use the products we make for our own family – so having the highest quality is not even a question, that is mandatory for us.





What makes your product or business unique or different from others? 

Animal Themed (Safari & Ocean) leakproof lids – which make it more attractive for little kids who can now carry their foods with their favorite animal along.


Our products are 18/8 304 Stainless Steel material – very light weight yet very durable. We have tested them to be dishwasher safe, baked in them in a convection oven, cooked in them as a pot in pot in Instant pot.


Our products are high quality and versatile and come in many vibrant colors. One of our products comes with an insulated bag which helps keep food fresh for longer hours.




Please share anything else you find special about your product or business that you’d like people to know.

Both Rashmi and I while being mothers to toddlers also juggle a 9-5 job and The Pinwheelers business. We really get what a busy-mom life looks like.


Having seen and shared many similar parenting challenges, we are passionate about finding solutions that work while still keeping our products fun and functional


Our brand The Pinwheelers is growing along with our kids. For us having chemical free, plastic free containers was a must as a parent. And while that started as a small passion project for the both of us, we have learnt and grown in so many ways while seeing our children and their friends use our products.


As their requirements change and grow, so do we. We will always invest in better choices for our families and would love to share that.




The Pinwheelers



Instagram: @thepinwheelers

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