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I am a wife, mom of 4 (including Rambee Boo), children’s book author and creator of The Rambee Boo Series and CEO of Waman Books Publishing, LLC. I graduated from West Windsor-Plainsboro High school in 2000, and went on to get my B.A. from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. I currently live in New Jersey with my husband, my three children and of course…my Rambee Boo! I’ve always had a great love for children’s books, and started collecting them in college. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write my own series to add to our collection.  I hope these books will continue to grow and foster children’s love for reading. I can only hope that my readers enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them!


What inspired your product or business?

I started writing The Rambee Boo Series at the begin of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Spring of 2020, we added a new fur baby to our family. Once Rambee Boo joined the family, I saw a really sweet bond develop between him and my youngest son Rock. As I searched for books about kids and their pets to read to Rock that he could resonate with, I was surprised to find that there weren’t too many picture books in the realistic fiction genre. So I decided to write my own!


Describe what your product or business offers people, parents, and/or families.

The Rambee Boo Series has a lot to offer children, parents and teachers alike. Through simple social and developmental concepts that children in the 2-7 age range experience, we are able to give our reader, characters that they can resonate with. Our books focus on 5 subtle themes – patience, anxiety associated with new experiences, problem-solving, teamwork and responsibility. Instead of telling children how to act, what to do or how to think, we want to give children the tools they need to overcome or handle similar situations that they may experience in their own lives. Our characters are a good positive reference for healthy development and behaviors. Through rhyming and repetition, we are able to bring an educational aspect to the books. We learn how language works through rhyming by listening to the sound in words. And through repetition we learn word associations. By combining rhyming and repetition together, we are able to change the experience of a read aloud to a fun and interactive experience. The ability to read along with the story boosts reading confidence. We hope this confidence helps foster a life long love for reading.


What makes your product or business unique or different from others?

The Rambee Boo Series is really unique and special in the sense that it resonates with so many children through similar social and developmental experiences. This allows children to form deep character-reader relationships. We understand that all children don’t learn the same. Not everyone likes to read but we hope to change that by giving children characters that they want to engage with and read about. One way we do this, is by offering our characters on various platforms. Kids can follow our characters in our books, the Real Rambee Boo on our YouTube Channel @rambeeboo, on various social media sites (Facebook & Instagram @therambeebooseries, TikTok @rambeeboo), as well as on our website. Our website offers free downloadable activities and coloring sheets, a section to write to Rambee Boo, an area to follow updates on what’s new with the real Rock and Rambee Boo through our “What’s new with our crew” section on our homepage and a Rambee Boo Kids Club.


What is your favorite component about your product or business?

I love that Rock and Rambee Boo have such a positive influence on children. I love receiving emails from parents saying that The Rambee Boo Series is their child’s favorite bedtime story because they can read along, or because they can relate to Rock or relate to the storyline or they just love how cute Rambee Boo is! Whatever the reason may be, the fact that children are enjoying reading and enjoying listening to a read aloud because of Rambee Boo is just amazing. There are so many benefits to reading to children from an early age – brain development, bonding, creativity, cognitive and language development, expands their vocabulary, expands their attention span. We hope The Rambee Boo Series will continue to encourage children to read. The Rambee Boo Crew works hard everyday to keep our storylines and characters relatable, enjoyable and current.


Please share anything else you’re proud of about your product or business that you’d like people to know.

We are currently working on manufacturing Rambee Boo’s favorite Sock, which is his comfort toy, so that children can have their very own comfort Sock just like Rambee Boo. We are also getting ready to release our first coloring book, “Rambee Boo Practices Healthy Habits Too!” which will release later this year.





The Rambee Boo Series


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