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What are some of your favorite color combinations when it comes to interior design and fashion?

One can never go wrong with the classics. Tried and true color combinations such as blue and white or pink and green will stand the test of time. I always find myself finding inspiration from one, or a few, pieces that I want to incorporate into the space. For example, your grandmother’s Turkish rug that graces the living room will suggest the color pallet and style for the rest of the decor.

What are your rules or guidelines when mixing different patterns or different fabrics?

 One must consider the location of the space as well as the architectural style of the home being decorated. When selecting materials and fabrics it is of the utmost importance to understand scale, proportion, and texture as you are mixing these various elements. If you have a bold graphic piece of art on the wall it would be best to use a contrasting print of smaller scale on the sofa.

When designing a new room, what do you believe is the most important aspect of the room to focus on first? Is it determining the paint for the walls? Is it the carpet or flooring? Is it the furniture?

The most essential aspect of designing a room is understanding how the space is to be utilized. Once the specific function is determined, all other choices will organically fall into place.

What are your thoughts on minimalism design vs. maximalism design? When should one be utilized over the other?

Design is a very personal thing. The space should reflect one’s personal taste and aesthetic. If the client lives a very hectic life and craves simplicity, then minimalism would be more apropos. In contrast, if the client loves to travel and acquire beautiful objets d’art a foundation incorporating those treasured items is the key to creating a maximalist space.

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