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Powerful. Soulful. Beautiful. These are the words that can be used to describe the
singing voice of 12-year-old Ayn Liu. She brings to the table something so unique and
well-crafted for her age that you could only imagine where her talent will take her. She
has already accomplished so much – from being featured on the television show Little
Big Shots to releasing her first single and shooting her first music video. This local star
has such a strong passion for singing, and will hop on a stage anywhere that she can.
Ayn spoke to us about her goals for the future and what her experience as a singer has
been like so far.

1. When did you realize that you loved to sing?
I think I have always loved to sing. There are videos of me singing and dancing
for my family from when I was 2 or 3 years old.


2. When did you learn how to play the ukulele? Who taught you how to
I started to learn to play the ukulele around 10. I have been taking piano and
guitar lessons since I was 5. I have a teacher who helps me with all my


3. Where was your first performance? How many people were there? Were
you nervous?
My first performance in public was at the Lost Bean in tustin. There were
probably about 20-30 people there. When I get nervous I tend to want to use
the restroom before the performance and i think i went to the restroom at least
5 times that day. 🙂


4. What was your experience on Little Big Shots like? What was the best
My experience on little big shots was so amazing! There were so many
talented kids there. The best part was meeting Melissa McCarthy because she
is just so kind and funny.



5. Describe the process you went through to get on Little Big Shots.
Well, I went to an open audition for the show. After playing my song, the
casting director was very surprised and told me that she thought I was
amazing. She recorded an interview with me and later I got the news I was
going to be on!


6. Who produced the music on your song “Vibez”?
My song “Vibez” was produced by Siloam Selah who I met at Soulful Sunday ,
which is an open-mic in Los Angeles.



7. What is your favorite song to sing (besides your own)?
My favorite songs to sing are a lot of classic jazz and soul songs because they
have great lyrics and meaning.


8. Who is someone that inspires you?
My parents inspire me the most because they work very hard and support me
so much in pursuing my dream in making music and performing. In music, my
biggest inspiration is Amy Winehouse because she was so unique and she
wrote songs that were true and real to her.


9. Where is one place you would love to perform at?
There are a lot of places that I would love to perform at but I would love to
perform inside the Segerstrom center one day. Because I have seen some
amazing artists there and I hope one day I can be on the same stage.


10.What is your biggest dream? What do you hope to accomplish one day?
My biggest dream is to become a singer and songwriter and share my music
with the world.


11.Are you working on any new music at the moment? Yes, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Please follow me on my social
media for the latest. Thank you so much!

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