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Every Family is different but one thing is for sure is how time flies with our children.

Cutting down on screen time this year has been a priority for us.

We find spending time outdoors and doing activities as a family important. Especially with the constant News Cycle on what seems non stop.
We want to help encourage you and your children to discover ways to bond that get you to talk and laugh more.
Recently, I discovered the Set It Down Movement. I embraced the message behind the mission.
Set down your screens to gain meaning experiences. Rediscover what you love doing!
We tried the Snowflake Kit after dinner.  The Kit comes with a Essential Guide on the step by step.
We were helping each other, helping guide where we needed an extra hand and laughed so much. The Kit reads time to make : Approximately 1 hour
Level Beginner.
We are still working on it and enjoying the process. WIth the Cooler temps, this is the start of fun crafts and embarking on new traditions.
You do not need to commit to setting your phone down or tablet down for an hour. Start off with easier and attainable goals. Perhaps start on Sundays for an hour then move to the entire day on Sunday. You will find the freedown you feel from not being attached to the digital world. Next thing you know, you will be making plans with your family and not needing to reach for your phone during the weekend. These are great habits for the family.
We are looking forward to many more activities from Set It Down.
Here is the link when you have a chance head over and get yourself ready for some down time to recharge.

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