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When it comes to planning a luxury family vacation, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed getaway filled with adventure and excitement, or a relaxing retreat where you can simply unwind and recharge, there is something out there to meet your needs.


As a family we would discuss the idea of traveling in an RV or Overnight Camper Van. We were not sure what to expect or look out for. We went to the RV lot off the 405 in Fountain Valley and wanted to learn about the pricing and the layouts. Could our family do this on weekends or embark on an adventure long term?  After reading and doing research. We decided to sit on this idea and circle back on this craze that got us interested.  A couple years later, I discovered Moterra and the fact that you can rent a van was a no brainer!
This would be a great test for us. Could we travel off grid and enjoy it? Would space be an issue?  Most importantly, to us this meant time. Time together and not being distracted by schedules and technology. We would get to hang out and just be. Nothing else, no plans and no appointments. It was just that for us. 

As Moterra Employee put it, “ Bring your sense of Adventure”. That is the Motto.

Be open to explore and take the open road.  The Moterra Van has everything you need. The Van is stocked with Kitchen supplies. It is your Mobile Kitchen. 

The Van is constructed to utilize every space and done so in a very practical way.

You will find your utensils, drying mat and extra garbage bags. The slightest items that make your stay easier.


Sleep like a Baby with extra linens and sleeping bags to pillows. Just tuck in and sleep tight. There are curtains to make sure you have the privacy you need to cover all the Van windows. There is plenty of indoor lighting. 


Enjoy the Sunset with blankets, lounge chairs and table, all arranged in the back of the Van with storage for your items.


We packed light and brought our outdoor shoes for hikes. The packing was not a huge load and we did this on purpose as we did not know what to expect for extra space.  We did stop by the Grocery store to buy food and firewood. Other than that it was simple. Just show up  and take on your adventure.


When you arrive to pick up your Van allow for time. This will allow you to carefully meet with a Moterra Team Member to help guide you through a walk through of the Van.  Ginger was so sweet and attentive. She explained everything thoroughly. 

The Warehouse of Moterra is right behind the SODO train station making it very convenient from the Airport SeaTac


We traveled in February making many overnight camping spots limited for us to pick from. Moterra has a great itinerary in place to help with resources and information. 


Our adventure took us to Deception Pass  with available flush toilets and showers on site.  At Deception Pass expect Panoramic views and jaw-dropping sunsets that will make this 1 hour and 15 min drive all the while. 


What we loved:

Exceptional Customer Support

Super strong Heater

Awesome Radio

Easy travel, no fuss with cleaning up and setting up.


Why Moterra:

Bucket list Locations 

Reliable Vans

And the list above bears repeating

Exceptional Customer Support

Super strong Heater

Awesome Radio

Easy travel, no fuss with clean up and set up.


Consider trying this out if you are a sports family who is often of the road. This is great for Homeschooling families as well.

If you are considering an experience like this and are a little nervous. My recommendation would be to rent a van with Moterra and test a family vacation. It will be worth your time and create vast memories. This will allow you to see first hand what the space is and push you outside of your comfort zone making you realize what it is you do need or can live without.


Our favorite part was the discovery of driving to a new location and exploring!

Stopping at a lake and making breakfast while enjoying a hike or fishing with the accessibility! That was so convenient. 


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Secure your Van for Spring Break and Summer Time







Learn more about Moterra: 

Q+ A with the Go Moterra Founders

What Inspired the Concept of Moterra Campervans?
Moterra has always been inspired to help our guest experience and explore the wonders of our public
lands and National Parks. We have always viewed ourselves as more of a travel company than a rental
company. When we started this we were looking for the best ways to help people fully immerse into
nature and connect with one another. The campervan turns out to be one of the ultimate tools in fully
immersing into a National Park and truly experiencing these parks how they are meant to be experienced.
We weren’t the only ones building this type of business. But because we were focused mainly on the
guest experience. As well as making sure we are offering the nicest camper vans in the industry for rent.
We also wanted to create a business that was certalized around exceptional customer service and in
doing so it has catapulted us to be one of the top campervan rental companies.
What has been the most rewarding part of Moterra Campervans for you?
We love providing and being a part of adventures that will have a lasting impact for all of our
guests. The pure joy and gratitude our guests express upon return always keeps us coming
back for more. We know the thrills and inspiration one experiences while immersing themselves
into these areas and we love offering they best way for our guest truly experience them.

For Families that are new to van camping and are looking to try a Moterra Campervan
but nervous to make the leap. Can you share your top 5 Strategies for the Perfect Family
Campervan Experience?
The best advice I can give is to take the leap! We have facilitated 1000’s of family adventures
over the years with first time Campervan users that constantly rave it was the best family
vacation they have ever taken. We are invested in making sure you have an exceptional
experience and are here to make sure all your questions are answered.
We’ve worked hard to make sure that our vans are the nicest and most comfortable vanson the
road. We have also tried to include everything you might need during your trip. Our vans are all
inclusive and have all the linens, cookware, and camping equipment included in the rental.
All 7 destinations offer immediate access to our nation’s most stunning National Parks. We have
created a number of resources to help get familiar with all the in and outs of each park ranging
from regional specific insiders guides or details instructions on how book campgrounds.
We also offer Package Itineraries that have planned everything for those looking for additional
help navigating these areas. You will work with a regional expert to plan your family’s perfect
adventure. We make all the campground reservations, organize activities, and provide detailed
daily itinerary to make sure you get the most out of your adventure. All you need to do is get to
one of our destinations, we will take care of everything else!

What can Families expect to learn from an Adventurous Experience with Moterra
One of the hashtags we constantly use is #happier outdoors. We believe a trip with Moterra
allows you to disconnect from the daily hustle and reconnect with one another. These type trips
offer true leisure as you and your family get to take the trip in any direction you want each day.
These adventures will provide new experiences for the whole family and memories that you will
never forget.

What are the most frequently asked questions you receive from families?
A question we receive a lot is what is the best trip for our families first campervan trip?

The true answer is that every region is exceptional and offers so much. But three of our most
popular trips are 6 nights in Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park (Jackson WY), 6 nights in
Glacier National Park (Whitefish MT), or 6 nights up or down the California Coast ( San
Please share the ultimate itinerary that Moterra Campervan can offer?
The Family Yellowstone and Grand Teton Handpicked Highlights is our most popular
family trip for so many reasons!
Highlights include:
● Explore the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park, known for the highest
concentration of brightly colored geysers in the world
● Whitewater raft on an 8-mile stretch of the Snake River through the Snake River
Canyon. Enjoy unparalleled views of local wildlife from the initial serenity of the boat,
before barreling over famed Lunch Counter and Big Kahuna rapids (whitewater for 4
included in the package)
● Make like a cowboy and explore the Teton Valley by horseback, on a two-hour trail
ride in front of the Grand Tetons (included for 4 in the package)
● Hike in search of the famous Grand Prismatic Spring and take a dip in some of our
favorite swimming spots in the Park!
● Peer down the sheer walls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone; take in the red,
orange, and yellow minerals that swirl like watercolors down its walls; marvel at the
308’ Lower Falls that cascades through its center
● Drive through Hayden Valley as you watch herds of huge bison graze among its
golden hills
● Look for moose and bears in the willows as you hike up the glacially carved Cascade
Canyon in the Grand Tetons

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