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We love Quiet Mind for its serenity, for the feeling of absolute ease and peace you feel as soon as you walk through it’s temple like doors.
As you stare at the lake and mountains that surround and gaze into the infinite skies, a feeling of being at ease with life and beginning anew washes over you.
We created Quiet Mind, as a sanctuary for those that wish to escape the busyness of modern life. A place where they can connect with inner presence, with healing and their loved ones. Where technology can be put aside and the wonder of nature, yoga, meditation and body therapies can bring healing and grace into your life.
Created as a sacred place on the principles of Mandala from Tibetan Buddhism, every space is designed with love and intention to bring about an opening to inner peace and awakening.
At Quiet Mind, the nurturing vegan food, meditation, cooking classes, hypnotherapy, mindful guidance , yoga and body work all come together to offer you a new way of life and being.
A new way to be as an aware and joyful individual, a new way to be in a conscious and loving relationship and a new way to be in your world.
We invite you to a new way of being at Quiet Mind Retreat, just an hour away from the hustle and bustle San Diego International and two and a half hours way from LAX.
Not sure where to begin? Touch base with our concierge service about a planned healing journey that will truly give you and experience of healing and relaxation or simply book a Lakeview room and take in the dreamy views.
Meet the Founders:




Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge and Retreat was founded by husband and wife, Michael and Davita Gregory as an invitation to experience connect with nature, experience true well being and inner peace. From having retreat centers and small hotels in the US, India and Thailand they took the time to understand experiences and practices that mattered most to their guests and brought them together in perfect harmony at Quiet Mind Mountain. Guided by the principles of Buddhism they created a lodge with sacred design and mindful experiences where you can explore meditation, yoga  or simply relax in comfortable rooms and enjoy the spa and being in nature. The choices are completely open to you.

Michael is a leading teacher in Buddhism and has created Retreat Centers as compassionate spaces of spiritual practice, contemplation and community across Colorado, Florida and California.At Quiet Mind Mountain, Michael will be devoting his time to cultivating an environment reflective of the Buddha’s teachings of liberation and teaching retreats, classes and offering guidance and mentoring to students.

He has led thousands of meditation classes and retreats on almost every subject matter related to Buddhism and Meditation across the United States and Internationally for the last 25 years, including leading meditative pilgrimages and long term retreats throughout Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, and India. Michael’s life story, former investment banker turned monk, has been an inspiration to many students who are caught in the paradox of spiritual life and worldly life and the suffering that often accompanies immersion in modern life. His message of being in this world and not of it, the non-duality in everyday life, and direct awakening through compassion has transformed countless lives.

Davita is a Mindfulness based Hypnotherapist and teacher is passionate about guiding others toward conscious inner awakening and loving mindful relationships. She leads the online communications and customer relationships at Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge and Retreat and loves to connect with guests and help them create memorable experiences at Quiet Mind. Michael and Davita teach retreat throughout the year and can be found at Quiet Mind from time to time, making sure that guests are having a wonderful experience. You may see them happily chatting with guests and sharing living wisdom on a mindful and compassionate life.

We invite you to experience renew, relax and enjoy the wonders of nature at Quiet Mind Mountain Lodge and Retreat.

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