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Why Have Neutral Sheets in Your Bedroom?

Some people may think of neutral colors as being too bland or too safe – while others find solace and a sense of peace surrounded by calming hues. The beauty of neutral colors is that they have the ability to help you relax, promoting calm instead of adding more stimuli to your day. They also give you a blank slate to build on as you create an overall style of décor in a room. You can add pops of color, or stick with an elegant neutral palette to build the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams.


Forever modern, effortlessly chic. We have a master class in how to incorporate neutrals into your space while adding your own flair.

What are Neutral Colors?

Let’s start with the basics…It’s a color that doesn’t have much saturation or intensity. Some of the most popular neutrals include ivories, grays, tans, whites, creams, beiges, and blacks. Think ‘coastal grandmother’ style, but in room form – easy, breezy, and forever effortlessly on trend.

If you like to consider the psychology of colors, neutrals generally are associated with tranquility, neutrality, and relaxation. Whites usually offer an elegant vibe and symbolize peace, light, and simplicity. Grays give off a classic, balanced, and timeless vibe, while darker grays may appear sophisticated and dramatic and lighter grays calming and soothing. Browns, which are the neutral we most often see in nature, give off an authentic, grounding, warm feel. Black, the most powerful and strong of the neutral colors, is associated with affluence, mystery, and authority.

Choosing Neutral Colors for Your Bedroom

The bedroom serves as an oasis from the other parts of the home, and the use of predominantly neutrals can help invoke that spa-like serenity that promotes relaxation and sleep. Plus, the aesthetic stands the test of time, remaining modern despite changing styles.


White always proves popular because when you start with a colorless palette, there’s plenty of room to take risks with colors in accessories, furniture, or art. Of course, white comes in many shades, and the shade you choose should depend upon the amount of natural light you get in the bedroom. Bright whites look great in rooms that have a lot of sunlight. However, many bedrooms don’t get a lot of natural light, so warmer shades like cream or taupe that offer a bit more pigment keep the space from looking too flat or sterile.


If you’re working to make your bedroom look bigger, bright neutrals help throw more light around your room, making it appear larger. Soft beige or dove gray make great choices. Colors in their lightest and most neutral states like pale mint, blush pink, or powder blue work well, too.


Neutrals are anything but simplistic. They’re an excellent base and starting point because you can update the entire look of your bedroom just by switching out your accessories. Bold, bright colors pop against a base of neutrals, allowing you to choose any color palette, cool or warm. Layering texture and patterns in the form of rugs, throws, pillows and other fabrics provide endless options that are versatile and easy to update for each season. Go light and bright for spring or add some tartan pillows and faux fur for the holidays – a neutral base makes picture perfect seasonal style effortless. If you get restless with your home style easily, neutrals are the way to go!

How to Keep Neutrals from Feeling Boring

Some people worry they’ll feel bored with neutrals, but there are easy ways to keep neutral colors from feeling boring in your bedroom. Patterns and colors bring life to neutrals, or you can choose to decorate with varying shades of neutrals since tone-on-tone neutrals bring a sophisticated look to the room. Just make sure you’re varying your textures, adding in fuzzy rugs, woven items, hints of metallic, and nubby knits. Adding a variety of textures eliminates any chance of the bedroom looking boring.


One of our favorite sheet brands offers a wide range of neutrals to choose from. We break down the options for you here to help construct your dream space:

PeachSkinSheets Classic Collection Sheets: Neutrals

Boasting a 1,500 thread count level of softness and a brushed, velvet-like texture, PeachSkinSheets are constructed with an antimicrobial finish that resists bacteria, dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens while remaining completely breathable.


Plus, the neutral color profile is unmatched! 

  • Classic White Sheet Sets – This bright white looks great in rooms bursting with sunlight, creating the perfect backdrop for pops of color throughout the bedroom.
  • Brushed Silver Sheet Sets – Lovely brushed silver offers a soft, platinum gray neutral that brings understated elegance and a relaxing vibe to the room.
  • Vanilla Bean Sheet Sets – Add some warmth to the room with this off-white, warm neutral that features slight yellow undertones.
  • Graphite Gray Sheet Sets – This deep slate, charcoal shade brings a bit of mystery to the room, and it fits in well with nearly any other color.
  • Toasted Marshmallow Sheet Sets – Think greige or oatmeal with these sheets, which offer a cool gray tone.
  • Almond Ivory Sheet Sets – Just a touch deeper than the vanilla bean sheets, this warm, creamy neutral warms up a room that may not get as much sunlight.
  • Light Mocha Sheet Sets – This Khaki-taupe-tan that’s warm and a little deeper than the almond shade brings earthy tones to the bedroom, grounding your décor.
  • Midnight Black Sheet Sets – The deepest of the neutrals we offer, this is a pure black neutral that is the perfect backdrop for any other color in the room.

Why PeachSkinSheets?

PeachSkinSheets wrap you in a coziness unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Plus, they’re constructed with a SMART fabric and high-performance, athletic-grade fibers that keep hot sleepers cool and cold sleepers cozy.


 “I recommend PeachSkinSheets to all my clients,” says sleep planner Christina Bergman Ribel. “Temperature control is the key to deep, restorative REM sleep, and these really do help keep your body regulated.”


Cloud-like softness, a superior fit, and fabric that’s allergy-busting and temperature controlled. Sheet sets start at $75—an affordable luxury that truly can’t be beat. 31,000 5-star reviews can’t be wrong! 


Find them on PeachSkinSheets.com


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